How to Trick Out Your RV

Jan 13, 2020

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7 “Cool” RV Gadgets to Make Your RV Better Than Ever

Many people have different kinds of RVs, and there are many reasons why people buy them. Sure, there may be a few neighborhoods, maybe in Arizona or Florida, where cruising by during an RV road trip will get you autograph requests. But attempting to look cool is usually not the reason most people buy an RV.

Camping in comfort, seeing the country with your family, or living on the road full-time? Sure. Listening to Steve Miller with your shades on, at night, and your elbow crooked at a 90-degree angle? No. But there ARE ways to make your RV cooler or more fun than it is now. Yes, you too can be hip.

Here’s how:

Surge protectors — See? We TOLD you we could give you the coolest RV on the block. But really, you need to have something to protect all that fancy electronic equipment you’ve got in the RV for parties, movies and, um, writing blogs. Most RVs come with standard outlets, and that won’t help you if a surge occurs. Maybe it’s not a cool RV gadget, but it’s practical.

LED Lighting — Now we’re talking. Right? Well, either way, light your RV with energy-efficient LED lights-if your rig doesn’t come with them already. Not only do they look better, they also come in really cool Christmas colors for the holidays. We don’t know if LEDs come in black lights for your Pink Floyd poster, but we’re going to assume they do, if you know where to get them.

Headphone Jacks —These allow you to watch TV or listen to your favorite Metal band without waking up the neighbors, the kids, or your spouse. Even better, they can be installed throughout most RVs, so you can spend time wherever you’re most comfortable.

Inverters — In fact, now that we’re talking about all these electronic items, you’re going to need something to power them. Inverters convert 12-volt power from your RV batteries to enough power to juice up a microwave, TV, or coffee maker. These will also help you with the common practice of boondocking on your way to your next destination. There’s nothing cooler, after all, than spending the night with only stars to light the sky.

Signal boosters — These will boost the signal of your WiFi, TV satellite, and cell phone— standard items for cool RVers.

But, what kind of outdoor advocate would we be if we didn’t take a moment to speak about our Renew Edition? Available on both Flair and Pace Arrow units, Renew brings a lineup of features like kayak and bike racks, backpack storage, pet stations, and the aforementioned signal boosters. It also brings a lithium battery package for extra exploration opportunities and solar panels to help RVers get off-the-grid when they choose to be.

Solar Power — Speaking of boondocking, maybe you won’t need an inverter if you harness the power of the sun. These panels allow your RV to soak up some rays and turn it into power that you can use to keep the music bumping all night. Solar power remains the cutting edge of power production even though it’s been around longer than you think. The sun is powerful and, last time we checked, the energy it produces is free, as no corporation has figured out a way to charge us for it yet.

Shoe rack — Most shoe racks are easy to install and will end the endless tripping that you do from shoes scattered all over the RV. You’ll have trouble actually getting your kids to use it, but at least the option is there now. And nothing says cool like a shoe rack.

OK, these may not be the cool RV accessories you were imagining, but they WILL make life easier for you as an RV owner. Most owners say the RV itself becomes a fun hobby, and they always find a way to upgrade something. We think this can become a fun hobby for you, too. And while it may not make you the coolest person in your neighborhood, these RV options may make you the hippest cat in your campground.