The Best Holiday Destinations

Nov 04, 2019

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Your RV Travel Planner: Festivity Edition

Many people choose to stay home for the holidays. They’ve written more than one Christmas song about it. But let’s say you really don’t need to see your neighbor’s flashing lights display set to “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” this year. Or your kids are already complaining about being bored because they’ve watched “The Polar Express” seven times. Or your kids have kids of their own, and they’re on some Disney cruise.

You’d rather go on an RV trip.

We don’t blame you.

You could just go to Vegas and pretend the holidays don’t exist, but we’re going to assume you still need a little Christmas wonder. Here’s a list of the best RV camping and destination spots to celebrate the holidays.

Yosemite National Park — There’s a common theme among places that are so crowded in the summer that they sell breathing room on street corners: They’re usually not nearly as full during the holidays. Places such as Rocky Mountain National Park, the Grand Canyon and, yes, Yosemite, are fun places to spend the holidays, as they are cooler, less crowded, and offer some special holiday attractions.

In this case, Yosemite may be covered in snow, which is a special privilege most visitors don’t get to see. You can also hit up the annual Bracebridge Dinner. The dinner is an 18th-century tribute, has taken place since 1927, and serves four hours of entertainment and a seven-course dinner.

Stone Mountain, Georgia — Georgia’s most popular attraction offers more than 3,200 acres of park, lake, and woodlands, plus more than a dozen attractions. But during the holidays, there’s the Stone Mountain Christmas festival, which lasts more than A MONTH AND A HALF.

You probably won’t need that much time, but it makes it easy to schedule all the stuff you’ll want to do, including meeting the Abominable Snowman, a reindeer with a glowing nose (who thought that up?), and daily — yes, daily — Christmas parades. There are also lighting displays and evening fireworks.

Christmas, Florida — It’s a town named after Christmas. How are you NOT going?

If you’ve ever wanted to spend Christmas in shorts, this is the place. The RV park has a giant Christmas tree, a Santa (we’re not sure if he’s giant), and a sleigh.

Plus, the theme parks, including Disney World and Universal Studios, are a short trip away, and they do stuff for Christmas as well.

Santa Claus, Indiana — Yes, we’re serious.

This town has embraced its name, with many holiday attractions, such as the Santa Claus Museum, Santa’s Candy Castle, and Frosty’s Fun Center. The town’s post office is flooded with letters every year to the jolly fat man himself, and the Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort are decorated with holiday cheer.

Crows Nest Campground — This sounds like a depressing place from Game of Thrones, but it’s actually a cool campground in Newport, New Hampshire. This campground offers holiday-themed weekends, so you can bet it’ll have something special for Christmas.

McAdenville, North Carolina — These residents change the name of their town every year for the season. Guess what it is?

No, it’s not the North Pole.

That’s right, it’s CHRISTMAS TOWN! The clever name change has worked, as more than 600,000 visit the town of less than 1,000 during the holidays. Christmas Town features a galaxy of lights, decorated trees, and a fun lake to reflect all of it. Crowder’s Mountain State Park is a good place to camp when visiting this place.

Nevada City, California — The annual Nevada City Victorian Christmas festival is the highlight of the year for this town of 3,000. This place, an hour outside of Sacramento, features people dressed in period-appropriate clothing. There’s even roasting chestnuts, but we don’t know if they’re over an open fire.

Branson, Missouri — Homer Simpson once called Branson “Las Vegas if Flanders was in charge.” So, of course, this place is amazing during Christmas. More than 6 million lights decorate Silver Dollar City, making it one of the most festive holiday parks in the country. There’s also music, thousands of trees, and the holiday edition of Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. There’s even a Branson City Campground.

Boise, Idaho — There are all kinds of events to fill the holiday season, including the Winter Garden a Glow at the Idaho Botanical Garden, and the Festival of Trees. There’s also Breakfast with Santa, but we imagine Santa eats that every day.

Muskogee, Oklahoma — The city offers one of the largest Christmas light displays in the state. Two parks, one a city park and another an amusement park, coordinate their shows to create a spectacle that draws more than 100,00 visitors between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Definitely something to add to your RV travel planner.

Graceland, Memphis — Elvis, or his ghost, whatever you believe, will have a blue Christmas unless you spend it here. You’ll see fantastic Christmas decorations, including front lawn displays. They start on Nov. 22 and end Jan. 8, on Elvis’ birthday.