The Best Podcasts for RV Travel

Nov 18, 2019

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Audio-Focused Travel Entertainment Ideas

Believe it or not, there are other things to listen to on the road (again) other than Willie Nelson. But sometimes, it may not feel that way. Radio stations are unreliable, especially in the places where you like to go on RV road trips. Books are nice, but you can only hear “On the Road” so many times.

So, thank goodness for podcasts.

We’re pretty sure everyone at this point has heard of podcasts. And yeah, it’s people talking. We know you probably get enough of that from your travel pals, but these podcasts are about INTERESTING things. And there are all kinds of topics. In fact, if there’s something you like, there’s probably a podcast about it by now.

We’ll list a few of our favorites here, then tell you how to find your own favorites.

By the way, these podcasts are generally uncensored, so there may be explicit language or otherwise potentially offensive material. These are usually labeled explicit on iTunes and other places that provide podcasts, either with a red E or the kind of “Parental Advisory” black label you saw on your CD case back in the day. So, you’ve been warned!

Also, the best part about podcasts is that almost all of them are free, so if you don’t like them, you can delete them and try another one.

Up first, a few travel podcasts:

Zero to Travel — World traveler Jason Moore talks about his own journeys and interviews others who have been on epic adventures, with tips on how to budget, be safe, and find work on the road.

Travel with Rick Steves — The American travel writer and guide book author’s podcast covers culture, travel, and people, and his podcast collection extends to audio tours and videos.

We Travel There with Lee Huffman — Huffman talks with locals from dozens of areas about their favorite places to eat, see, and drink.

Women on the Road — This podcast takes a look at what it’s like to live the van life for solo female travelers, something that RVers can relate to, we’re sure.

Extra Pack of Peanuts — Travel experts Travis and Heather Sherry dish on how to use credit card rewards and frequent flyer miles to get around the world on the cheap, as well as interview people who have traveled on a budget.

The RV Miles Podcast — Jason and Abby Epperson are full-time travelers around the U.S. in a converted school bus with their three sons. It’s fun and full of good tips about gear, RV news, and other topics.

Now, some other podcasts, since listening to travel podcasts all day can get as old as that stretch of Kansas highway:

Serial — The first season was one of the most gripping podcasts ever created. There may not ever be another like it. The next two seasons, while not as binge-worthy, are still worth your time. This is the best example, but not the only example, of a single topic explored in great detail on a podcast, which seems to do it better than anything else. They can be some of the most fascinating. “S-Town” is another fantastic example.

Ted Talks Daily — Listen to the latest thought-provoking talks every week on just about any subject you can imagine. These are good conversation starters when you’re tired of talking about politics.

FiveThirtyEight Politics — There are all kinds of podcasts available from your favorite news organization, including ones that sum up the day’s news. Nate Silver, the leader of FiveThirtyEight, can tell you what that news means, at least politically, without any partisanship.

My Favorite Murder — The My Favorite Murder podcast is hosted by two hilarious comedians who manage to be both self-deprecating and empowering as they enthrall you with some of the most fascinating murders, and murderers, in history.

Finally, here are four ways to find your own favorites:

  • iTunes has a great selection. And, if you have an iPhone, the Apple Podcasts app is probably already on your home screen.
  • Search on Google for your favorite topic and type in “podcast” after, and you’ll be amazed at what pops up. Usually, these lists have links to the website that hosts the podcasts.

Listen to what your podcasters are recommending on their podcasts. This is a great way to find like-minded options.