Why Winter is the Best Time to Buy an RV

Oct 07, 2019

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Find the best deal on your family RV this winter

We know you’ve already set aside some money for Christmas presents, including that new Xbox One that is, ahem, “for your grandchildren to play when they come over.” Yeah, right.

But the holidays are typically the best time of year to buy an RV, just like they’re the best time to buy a new car, big-screen TV or, maybe, a new video game system. And really, more accurately, winter is the best time to buy a new RV, more than just the holidays.

There are many good reasons for buying an RV in winter. Here are some tips that will allow you to get a great deal. Most pertain to winter, although there are a few that could go year-round.

New models — The new models come out near the end of the year. When this happens, as you know from buying a car, that typically means prices on the year-old models are slashed. Sometimes there are redesigns that make a big difference, but some of the time, the changes aren’t make or break, especially when it comes to saving a few thousand dollars on the older model. So, shop the dealers, and if you don’t see an older model, ask for it.

Buyer’s desire — Spring is called the season of love, and that can extend to RV owners who get drunk on sunshine. Camping looks a lot more fun, and so does owning an RV, when it’s warm and sunny. Impulse buys are king in the spring.

Winter is a different story. No one really daydreams about camping in the winter (even though winter RV trips can be really fun, and there ARE places that are warm in winter), and so dealers need to find other ways to entice you to buy. Lower prices, not free popcorn while you shop, usually do the trick.

An Inconvenient season — One of the issues of owning an RV is wondering what to do with it if you haven’t discovered the glory of an RV road trip in the winter. You’ll need to store it, and winterize it, and that’s not something people want to worry about during the holidays. But if you DO worry about it, you’ll save thousands.

Time to think — Winter is a good time to do research. What else do you plan to do when it’s snowing or super cold outside? Shovel your walk? That’s why you pay a kid $5. When you’re stuck inside, you can read reviews and find the best fit for your next RV vacation.

Lightly used RVs hit the market — You may consider used RVs, as some people will try to unload them when they realize they didn’t use them as much as they thought they would. Winter, a time when owners have to do the drudgery of winterizing and storing, usually nudges owners to wonder why they’re bothering. And some RV brands make the process very easy.

Don’t be afraid to travel — The internet allows you to shop nationwide, not just at your local dealer. However, if there’s a great deal in Kansas, don’t be afraid to travel there. Just like typical winter travel, not everyone is willing to make this move, which will make you look even better to the dealer when you’re there in person. This is also a good way to test your new purchase!

Better selection — The new models, year-old models, and gently used models also mean you’ll have the best selection in the wintertime. So, get out there and get yourself an RV before the sun shines again and you’ll wish you had one. Then, spend the saved cash on outdoor toys, waterproof speakers, a sweet hammock, and/or a National Parks pass.