When you travel in a Fleetwood RV, you’re part of an extended family. As part of the Fleetwood family, we want you to get the most out of your weekend getaways and frequent outdoor vacations. Here, you’ll find an assortment of topics about RV travel, including the newest gear, unique destinations and helpful tips from RV experts.

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Get Ready for RV Camping

All right, it’s April, and that’s an exciting time if you’re a Fleetwood RV owner. That means it’s time to get ready for the fun you’ll find nearby or on your next long-stretch RV road trip. READ MORE

5 RV Travel Mishaps

We’re going to talk about five of the most common mishaps that may happen to you during an RV trip. In fact, we almost guarantee them if you spend enough time in any family RV, and we’re assuming you do. READ MORE

Spring RV Travel

Traveling by RV in the winter is no picnic. Fleetwood RVs are tough enough to take on the severe requirements of winter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the extra steps you’ll need to get ready for the rigors of late winter and/or early spring for your next RV trip... READ MORE

Indoor vs. Outdoor RV Storage

Where to store your RV can be just as much of a decision as where you’re going to take it. Here are some things to think about when considering where to store your motorhome until your next road trip. READ MORE

A List of Family-Friendly RV Parks and Campgrounds

Believe it or not, with reservations accepted months ahead of time, now’s the time to plan your next trip to some RV parks with the kids... READ MORE

Tailgating Tips: How to Throw the Ultimate RV Party

To many people, fall isn’t just about the gorgeous leaves... READ MORE

10 Car Games to Turn a long drive into a Jamboree

Long Drives are killer when you have kids in the back; they want to know if you’re there yet, why you aren’t moving, and how much longer this ride will take. Luckily, a few simple games can take all of your minds off of the state of the roads and get you all laughing and having fun again. Here are the best 10 games to play when you’re stuck in traffic. READ MORE

5 Tips you Need to Know to go Green With Your RV—Part 2

raveling by RV may already be a cleaner choice than its alternatives, but with a little extra effort, you can make it the greenest it can be. Keep reading as we explore the rest of the ways to go green and finish our list of the Top 5 Tips! READ MORE

8 DIY Yard Games That Will Engage the Whole Family

Kick the can, hide and go seek, or flashlight tag... READ MORE

10 Delicious Camping Recipes you Won’t Find on Pinterest

These aren’t recipes you thought you could make in an RV kitchen; but they’re definitely possible and definitely delicious. At only 3 steps each, you’ll have a no-hassle dinner for the whole family in no time! Check out these 10 recipes for on the road that will bring you the comforts of home. READ MORE

5 Tips you Need to Know to go Green with Your RV—Part 1

RV trips are already one of the most environmentally friendly vacations your family can take; it’s greener than flying somewhere, driving to a destination, or staying at a hotel. RVs conserve resources like water and electricity, and they are strategically designed to increase fuel efficiency. READ MORE

8 Camping Games That Are So Fun Your Kids Will Forget About Their Phones

Family trips can be some of the most fun experiences... READ MORE

How Millennials Have Contributed to the RV Industry

As Millennials are getting enough financial capital to buy larger things, many of them are buying RVs. They're changing the way RVs are sold and creating a new marketable demographic in the industry. Since Millennials are becoming so interested in RVs, the industry has had record gains, and those gains have been getting steadily bigger for almost a decade. READ MORE

5 Tips to Become the “Iron Chef”of Your Campsite

Cooking on the go can be a challenge, but it's as easy to make tasty meals in an RV as it is at home, as long as you know a few tips and tricks along the way. For those who want to elevate their foodie experience in their RV, here are a few tips and tricks to simplify cooking on the go. READ MORE

7 RV Trips That Will Make You Want to Take the Scenic Route

insatiable wanderlust and want to see some beautiful views, there are some wonderful road trips you can take in the continental United States. Some of the most beautiful places in the United States are actually quite well known, while other places are hidden gems that are just as wonderful to see. READ MORE

7 Ideas to Deck Out Your RV to Be the Best on the Site

If you regularly travel in your RV, you might want to make a few improvements to it over time. This is especially true if you have an older RV that is starting to show its age. By decking it out, you can make it more comfortable and get more use out of certain areas or functions. Here are seven different things you can do to upgrade your vehicle so that it’s the envy of all at the campsite. READ MORE

6 Ways to Simplify the RV Buying Process - Part 1

Are you thinking about purchasing an RV? It’s not a... READ MORE

8 Ways to Plan a Trip That Won't Leave Your Kids Saying "Are We There Yet?!"

“Are we there yet? How about now? When will we... READ MORE

[Infographic] 10 Ways to Make Any RV Trip a Blast

Most people, at one point in their life, have imagined... READ MORE

10 Mobile Apps Every RV Lover Should Have

Today, just about everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. These devices have replaced the map, giving RV drivers step by step directions for getting to their destinations. If you travel a lot in your RV, you’ve likely tried out a few different apps to help you get from place to place. READ MORE