7 Reasons Why You Should Make an RV Vacation Your Next Journey

Putting together the perfect family vacation can be stressful. You have to make sure you’ve booked all the hotels, have tickets to all the activities, and packed everything you’ll need for the journey. Then you somehow have to fit all the bags plus the entire family into the car and keep everyone happy for hours while you’re on the road. It’s exhausting, and it doesn’t feel like much of a vacation. 

Traveling in an RV can solve all of this stress. It’s a great way of enjoying some time as a family without dealing with many of the annoying things travel often involves. Your kids will find RV trips fun and different, especially the first time you travel in one. Here are seven reasons why you should consider an RV vacation for your next family journey.
Your Schedule Is What You Make It

With an RV, there’s no need to stress over making it to your next booked hotel or airport on time. It’s a leisurely way to travel. You can stop whenever you want, take detours to explore exotic sights, and visit family members who live along the way. It’s relatively easy to find RV parks and other places where you can stop for the night, and you rarely have to worry about finding a space at these spots. t’s all about the journey and what you do along the way rather than getting to a particular destination.
It's More Affordable

Even if you’re renting an RV, you’ll likely find that it saves you money. You don’t have to worry about the cost of travel, lodging, or even food. You’re not eating out at restaurants all the time—instead, you have a fully equipped kitchen and can make whatever you’d like. For the cost of the RV, you eliminate travel, accommodations, and food expenses. You also don’t have to worry about renting equipment for different activities since you can bring your own. RVs have plenty of space to carry everything you need from skis and surfboards to golf clubs and beach umbrellas. 
You Can Continue Your Diet

One issue many people have while traveling is that they aren’t able to make their own meals. Yes, some hotels do offer kitchenettes, but then you have to make a grocery store run when you get there. Most people give in to the ease of eating out even though that adds to their travel budget. But if you have specific dietary needs, it’s not always easy to find something you can eat while dining out. 

With your RV, you can pack up food right out of your kitchen and take it with you to prepare later. You can even bring your pots, pans, and other necessities to make your go-to recipes. It’s much easier to eat healthy meals when you do this, too. 

When you’re driving in your RV, you’re likely to be out of WiFi range. In fact, many people count on this. You can drive to some of the most remote locations in the country and truly go off the grid for a few days. Many national parks offer areas to set up your RV campground. In these remoter locations there’s often no Internet signal, and you may even have trouble getting good cell reception. Take this time to disconnect and get away from the world for a bit. You’ll feel recharged once you have.
Slow Down and Enjoy the Journey

When you’re staying in a hotel in a large city, everything may feel like it’s rushed. You have a vacation schedule, and you’re going to stick to it! That means seeing all the sights and doing all the things on your list. It can be exhausting trying to check off everything on your bucket list in the 24 or 48 hours you have a hotel room. You may feel like you never get a moment to rest or even to eat a meal without feeling rushed. 

Your RV vacation can be all about slowing down and taking your time. You don’t have a schedule, so that’s okay. Let yourself actually enjoy a vacation away from home instead of feeling like you have to check off every item on your itinerary. Take your time to have a family dinner instead of ordering delivery to the room because you’re exhausted. RVs allow for you to have the flexibility to schedule the events over a longer period of time since you don't have to worry about leaving before check-out time.
Adventure Meets Quiet Time

When you vacation in an RV, you’ll find that your days take on a unique rhythm that actually helps you keep your kids engaged. The day often starts by packing up and getting on the road. Later that afternoon, you’re in an entirely new place to explore. When you set up somewhere, you can spend the whole day having fun. Later in the evening, everyone can unwind. You get to rest, cook a meal, enjoy the campfire, and in general, slow down and appreciate the world. 
Every Day Is a Surprise

A journey in an RV is always full of surprises. You might have a plan but change it at the last minute because of a sign on the road. Maybe you’ll fall in love with a spot and stay a few extra days, or perhaps you decide to move on sooner than planned. You never know what a trip in an RV will bring!

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