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The Fleetwood Renew Edition gives RVers the best of both worlds. Not only is it packed with technology to keep you connected while you're further away, it's also loaded with features designed to give you more ways to enjoy the outdoors. From the toy rack and pet station to the cell booster and solar panels, these RVs are exactly what you've been waiting for.

Every Renew Edition is packed with features like cell signal boosters, lithium batteries, a WiFiRanger system, rear toy rack, and plenty more to help you explore.

(Restrictions apply based on floorplan and model. See dealer for details)

*For accessories such as bikes, kayaks, storage racks, coolers, and other outdoor enthusiast camping/outdoor gear. Note: camping outdoor gear/accessories are not included.



Stay Connected

The Renew Edition equips your RV with more ways to keep in touch with the modern world while you're traveling. The WiFiRanger will give your WiFi capabilities a much-needed enhancement, while both the Flair and Pace Arrow feature cell signal boosters to make sure you're not always unreachable… unless you want to be.

Exploration Ready

When it comes to the Flair Renew Edition, the rear toy rack ensures you have everything you need to get out—and stay out—longer than ever. And on the Pace Arrow Renew Edition, RVers can utilize the rear hitch receiver to take along their recreational accessories (bikes, kayaks) as they head for off-the-grid exploration.

Pets Welcome

On the Pace Arrow, Fleetwood has your four-legged family members accounted for. Those traveling with pets with find features like a stowaway exterior pet station where they can feed and provide water on hot summer days, plus a pet lead that allows them to securely hook the leash to the unit for peace of mind while you play outside.

More Power to You

Not only is Fleetwood for families, it's for those searching for more eco-friendly options when they RV. Both models come standard with a Lithium Battery Package and Solar Panels for better energy management at the campsite. The Pace Arrow even features a composting toilet for those getting off the grid.

The Renew Edition is available on all Pace Arrow and Flair floorplans*, with each model having unique standards and options.
*Some restrictions apply based on floorplans and model. See dealer for details.


  • WiFiRanger SkyPro System w/LTE Cell Booster & GPS
  • 265w Solar Panels (4)
  • 3000w Pure Sine Inverter
  • Lithium Battery Package
  • Exterior Pet Station (Pet Lead & Stowaway Pet Feeder)
  • Interior Hanging Backpack Storage Area for Two Large Backpacks
  • Limousine Style Window Tinting (+5%) for Added Privacy & Heat Reduction (Excludes Driver/Passenger Windows)
  • Nature's Head Composting Toilet
  • Renew Edition Badging on Driver/Passenger Seat Headrests & Exterior


  • Energy Management System – Standard
  • WifiRanger Sky4 DC – Standard
  • Bilstein® Stabilizers – Standard
  • Collision Avoidance
  • 175w Solar Panels (2)
  • weBoost Cell Signal Booster
  • Lithium Batteries (2) w/Battery Heater Pads
  • Sumosprings® Suspension
  • Bike Rack

These Editions Will Renew Your Love for the Outdoors Again and Again and Again…


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