The Best Motorhomes Deliver Smooth Handling

Ford And Freightliner Motorhome Chassis

Fleetwood RV partners with only the best to deliver a ride second to none. You’ll notice that we use the term “exclusive” a lot because we team up with the RV industry’s leading chassis manufacturers and suspension companies to engineer Fleetwood’s very own ride and handling systems, stamped with patents and trademarks. Perhaps it’s the ride alone that has helped Fleetwood become “America’s Favorite Motorhome.” And with more Fleetwood RVs on the road today than any other manufacturer,* the test drive is one of our best-selling features. Simply put, the road is our proof.

* Based on IHS Automotive, Polk Recreational Vehicles in Operation (RVIO) as of 7/1/13.


Fleetwood has created two unique Class A motorhome chassis systems — the Class A Diesel Power Bridge Chassis® and the Class A gas Power Platform®. Both systems feature the industry’s largest pass-through chassis storage thanks to Fleetwood’s ingenious raised-frame design. Plus, this design accommodates oversized heated and enclosed holding tanks, while the chassis itself is engineered to deliver optimal handling.



Fleetwood builds its Class C gas motorhomes on the popular and trusted Ford E-450, but unlike our competitors, we don’t settle for the standard stock frame. Instead, every Class C motorhome features a custom MORryde frame. Laser sheared and robotically welded, this one-piece design delivers optimal weight distribution. Each driveshaft is balanced, factoring in proper lengths, speeds, and angles to reduce shudder and vibration, and every custom chassis adheres to (and exceeds) Ford QVM guidelines.



To further enhance the Class C ride, as well as the Flair LXE, Fleetwood partnered with MORryde to introduce the exclusive REV Control Ryde™ system, featuring an industry-first rubber shackle ‘airless’ suspension system. The all-new RCR system tackles the roughest roads with unique rubber shear springs that work in concert with leaf springs to cushion the motorhome and absorb road shock. The RCR system also features “anti-dive” technology, utilizing a sway bar to reduce front-end dive — the percentage of force transferred to the front of the vehicle when braking.

* Please see each model’s Standards and Options for all applicable features.