The Best Motorhomes Deliver Unmatched Durability

21 Key Proof Points Of 21st-Century Innovations

RV interiors often feel dated, and some motorhome manufacturers tout residential construction as an advantage. But here at Fleetwood RV, we utilize 21st-century automotive construction techniques to build your motorhome because we know you’re not driving a home down the road. At Fleetwood, we’ve implemented 21 Key Proof Points to ensure we deliver 21st-century innovations. You’ll find nine of those points here, three more on our Unmatched Handling page and another nine in the Intuitive Details section. You might say, “This is the 21st century. Shouldn’t everyone be using advanced methods?” Well, you’d be surprised. That’s where the Fleetwood Advantage comes in.

Fleetwood RV Durability


From the foundation you ride on to the roof that protects your investment, Fleetwood delivers ground-up motorhome reliability using only the most advanced construction techniques.

  1. RAISED-FRAME FOUNDATION: Unlike other manufacturers, Fleetwood doesn’t set its floor on the chassis. Instead, Fleetwood builds on a raised design to deliver America’s favorite basement storage, while integrating a jig-built steel frame for maximum strength.
  2. ARCHED ROOF DESIGN: An arched aluminum frame roof with flat ceiling design creates a durable structure that provides a full 5” of insulation at the roof peak, right where the A/C ducts run for maximum insulation.
  3. DURABLE ROOF MATERIALS: The armor skin of the Tuff-Roof system is extremely durable and easily repaired if damaged. Just the same, select Fleetwood models boast a one-piece fiberglass shield offering the same low maintenance and lasting durability.



The Fleetwood Advantage really shows by the difference in the walls alone. Our interlocking frame system creates an aluminum structure designed for long and unyielding roads.

  1. FIVE-POINT BUILD SYSTEM™: Fleetwood uses a durable five-point build system for greater durability, featuring steel bridge, aluminum framing, vacu-bonding, interlocking joints and weather-resistant materials.
  2. POWERFRAMES AND POWERLOCK SYSTEM™: Say goodbye to stick-and-frame construction. Fleetwood’s interlocking Powerlock System™ creates a wall-joint system that locks the wall, floor, and roof Powerframes™ together for a precise, seamless fit.
  3. VACU-BOND™ WALLS: This adhesive bonding process applies up to 415,000 lbs. of vacuum pressure to the welded-aluminum sidewall frame, bead-foam panel insulation and Tuff Coat fiberglass skin for more than 30 minutes, which exceeds standards.



Slideouts, if not well designed, can contribute to water damage, but at Fleetwood RV, intuitive design and durable materials set our slideout systems apart from others.

  1. TAPERED SLIDEOUT BOX TOPS WITH DEBRIS AWNINGS: Select Fleetwood models incorporate a tapered roofline and debris awnings to shed water away from the slideout seals to provide added moisture protection.
  2. ALUMINUM EXTRUDED SLIDE RAMPS: Most motorhome slideouts are built on pine wood ramps that crack, distort or even rot, but Fleetwood builds on aluminum extruded slide ramps for added durability to ensure trouble-free operation.
  3. TRIPLE SEAL DESIGN: Fleetwood’s slideouts feature a triple seal design. A seal bulb on the unit and another on the slideout help prevent water from entering the unit, while an additional sweep seal removes dirt and moisture as the slideout is closed.

* Please see each model’s Standards and Options for all applicable features.