If Life Is Multiple Choice, Fleetwood Is All the Above.

Fleetwood life is about more. More time with family. More places to explore. More room for all of life’s mementos. And thanks to the Freedom Bridge from Fleetwood – and its integration into the industry’s most advanced chassis by Freightliner – our Class A Diesel lineup gives you more reasons than ever to load up and go. With the Freedom Bridge’s increased storage and strength capabilities, your family can expect better handling on the road, a stronger foundation for more miles on the road, and intelligent design that provides room for whatever comes your way.

More Family

The Freedom Bridge’s superior strength means you can feel confident taking your whole family on vacation. Not only can the Bridge handle real traffic, it’s built to withstand all of your family’s foot traffic, too.

More Mementos

The increased storage space that’s built into the Freedom Bridge allows you to take along the items you want on the road. No more sacrificing one necessity for another or deciding you can’t pick up that cool souvenir.

More Miles

The Bridge was designed to endure the open road for more miles than ever before. Its reinforced structure lets you head to the mountains, down to the coast, through twisting valleys, and right back home again.

More Peace of Mind

Integrated into Freightliner’s XCM chassis to form a solid foundation for our Class A Diesels, the Freedom Bridge is able to deliver more stability. Plus, you’ll also have support through Freightliner’s Oasis service network.

Huck bolts are permanent, vibration-resistant machine fixture fasteners that are the strongest, most reliable aerospace grade fasteners available.

When a vehicle has a strong structure like the Freedom Bridge, the shocks are a critical component. Sachs shocks heighten comfort and increase driving safety in a dependable package backed by ZF®.

The Freedom Bridge is constructed using high-strength steel I-beams that feature steel cross sections optimized for strength, all while reducing unnecessary weight.
Go farther and fill-up less often with up to 150-gallon fuel tanks that have dual-side, high-flow fuel fills, providing tank access from either side of the coach.
With a 10,000-lb. or 15,000-lb. integrated hitch, you can tow more than you ever thought possible.

Stay organized with greater pass-through basement storage. Storage capacity has been expanded so you can bring it all without compromising chassis strength.

Be the envy of everyone in the park when you roll in on Michelin tires paired with aluminum wheels.

The lower fiberglass front fascia opens up to provide easy access to the front chassis components and the powerful Cummins® Onan® generator. (Limited availability.)

The V-Ride Suspension allows you to carry more gear with an increased towing capacity. But more than that, it provides greater durability and a more stable, comfortable ride.

Front Bendix disc brakes deliver uniform stopping power and better steering control, as well as minimal brake fade and noise.

With tortuous proving-grounds testing under its belt, the Freedom Bridge has successfully undergone the most rigorous testing in the industry.
The bridge design is inherently stronger than typical raised-rail designs, creating the foundation for unsurpassed ride, handling, and longevity.