10 Mobile Apps Every RV Lover Should Have

May 23, 2018

Today, just about everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. These devices have replaced the map, giving RV drivers step by step directions for getting to their destinations. If you travel a lot in your RV, you’ve likely tried out a few different apps to help you get from place to place. But there are many other apps out there that RV lovers need to have. These apps can do everything to keep you on course to save you money. Here are ten mobile apps that anyone with an RV needs to have.

Let’s start out with the obvious: a GPS app. GPS CoPilot is an excellent option because it doesn’t cost anything, plus it features a number of different things that other map options don’t have. It’s pre-loaded with many various businesses, restaurants, and other points of interest. You can easily find multiple RV parks, too. Live traffic updates are even available if you pay for the full version. Even if you don’t upgrade, GPS CoPilot’s free version still offers plenty of features.

Tired of trying to find a place to empty your RV’s holding tanks? Sani Dumps is the app for that! It will give you a list of places where you can dump your waste as well as the hours that location is open, the price, and a phone number to call for more information. It’s free to download and use on both iOS and Android devices.

This app will be your go-to when you are looking for RV parks. When you’re ready to call it a day, but aren’t sure where you can set up camp, just pull up this app, and it will show you what’s nearby. While the app does use your GPS location, you can also search by city or view a map of any area in the US or Canada. You can also read reviews of these RV parks and leave your own, which can be very helpful. It’s a free app for both iOS and Android.

It’s no secret that certain gas stations charge more than others, even if one is just a mile or so down the road. Stations that are right off major highway exits tend to be the most expensive, but how do you know if there’s another option nearby? Use Gas Buddy. This app will show you the lowest gas prices in the area, and it updates frequently. When you’re fueling up an RV, you know that it can cost a lot, so even the smallest savings add up. Since this app is free, there’s absolutely no reason not to use it. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

Nothing can turn a well-planned trip into a nightmare like a sudden thunderstorm. With the Weather Radio app, you’ll be able to keep up-to-date on the weather, so you know if you need to make different arrangements. This app provides a useful radar map that shows where the weather is getting a bit nasty. Unlike some apps, it doesn’t just track tornados, either. The app shows storms, snowy weather, icy roads, and much more. It isn’t free, but it’s less than $4 and can be a lifesaver.

Are you always forgetting to pack a few of the necessities? If so, RV Checklist is the perfect app for you. It lists everything you need to pack up and everything you should do before you leave home or a campsite. It can remind you to make sure you grabbed all of your folding chairs, lowered your TV antenna, and more. It’s like a pre-flight checklist for your RV. Even better, you can customize it to include all of those things you personally tend to forget. This app is free on Android and only $1 on iOS.

Trip Journal lets you create memories of your RV vacations by putting together photos, map points, and your own text into a virtual scrapbook. You can add restaurants and other attractions, plus the app even lets you add videos. It’s the perfect way of capturing and creating a journal of each of your trips, and it’s so user-friendly anyone can do it. It’s available for a small price on iOS and Android.

Wondering if your next campground will have cell reception? Just check the Coverage app. It combines the different coverage maps that each cell phone service has and merges them, so you’ll always know when you can get a signal. You won’t have to wonder if you will be able to call your family or video chat with your friends.

Laws change from state to state, and it’s not always easy to keep up with them. You don’t want to get pulled over for something that was legal in the last state you were in but isn’t in your current area. With the State Lines app, you’ll be able to look up laws in each state, so you know what not to do. It’s $5 on iOS and Android.

Setting up your satellite dish so you can watch your favorite TV show can be irritating since it’s sometimes something of trial and error. The Dish Align app (called Dish Aligner on Android) will help make this much more manageable. It walks you through the process and has quite a few helpful suggestions.

With life on the go, these apps could make all the difference on your upcoming road trip. Make sure you install these apps prior to your RV adventure so you are in for a smooth ride.

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