Setting up your RV Gym

October 30, 2023

Whether you’re traveling the open road full-time or taking an extended vacation in your RV, it’s important to keep up your fitness routine. Sitting for an extended period in your RV while cruising over long stretches of road can lead to stiffness and pain. Not exercising at all during long travels can waste away your muscles. You do not have to lose your gains.

In an RV, you can take along all the things that you need for your comfort. Similarly, you can take fitness equipment with you. Organize it well and it will be your gym during your travels. Your RV gym, even though it will be small, will be a big motivator for you to continue striving to achieve your fitness goals. Here are some tips and ideas for setting up your very own mobile gym right in your RV:

  1. Choosing equipment – Mostly, select compact pieces that are easily portable. Include items such as an adjustable suspension trainer, jump rope, resistance bands, and yoga mats since these are lightweight and allow you to add some variation to your exercise routine and thereby keep you interested. Multi-purpose equipment is also a good option. For heavier equipment, you will need to be more strategic. If you have the space and wish to add weights and some heavier equipment, do so, but get your RV weighed to ensure that it is under the GWCR (Gross Combined Weight Rated). Additionally, you’ll also need to ensure that there is an even distribution of weight throughout the RV.
  1. Storage Solutions – Get creative with storage to find places for your gear throughout your RV. See how you can utilize cabinets, the space under beds, and other open spaces. You can organize your dumbbells, kettlebells, and such equipment in clear/labeled plastic boxes and store them in cabinets or the basement. This will prevent them from rolling around or moving and potentially becoming a safety hazard. These days, there is also special equipment that you can mount outside your RV and use when you stop at campgrounds.
  2. Making Space – Identify an area like the dinette or lounge spots that can be cleared for workout space and accessorize it with yoga mats or exercise bands. A dedicated space for exercise inside the RV, and some clearly visible equipment will likely make you want to work out. Making such changes will increase your commitment to your workout routine.
  3. Outdoor options – Consider bodyweight exercises, cardio, or sports and activities that you can enjoy outside to avoid crowding your RV with equipment. Since you are traveling, make good use of the fresh air and the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Such workouts will boost not only your physical fitness but also your mental health. Of course, the type of workouts or activities that you can perform outdoors will depend on the weather, the amount of time you have at hand, and the surrounding environment. During unfavorable conditions, you can use your indoor mobile gym, and during good conditions, step out and make the most of your RV experience.
  4. Routine adjustments – Tailor your usual workouts to your RV setup. Opt for effective and suitable variations of exercises. You can utilize furniture and items from your RV, for exercises such as inclined pushups, yoga poses, and row squats. Even the sides and steps of the RV can be used for exercise. At times, you may not be able to complete your entire routine at a stretch. You could divide your routine into parts. With some modifications and flexibility, you can work out effectively. If you’re having trouble getting enough protein while traveling, consider pairing your workout routine and meals with the best protein shakes available.Try to be mindful of noise. Avoid anything and everything that can disturb neighbors at parks or campgrounds. You might meet some other fitness enthusiasts on your travels. Working out with other like-minded people will make your routine more enjoyable, and in the process, you might form some long-lasting friendships.

Wrapping Up: With some planning and creative use of smaller, multipurpose items, it’s absolutely possible to maintain your fitness routine right from your RV. Staying active will help combat the stresses of travel and keep you feeling great on the road.

author: Molly Nelson

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