Easy Workouts While on the Road

September 11, 2023

Traveling away from home shouldn’t mean sacrificing your exercise routine. You just need to be creative when planning your workouts!


Almost everywhere you go, you’ll find miles of open road, paths and trails that are ideal for walking, running, biking, hiking and even rollerblading. By using your natural surroundings, you won’t even miss the treadmill–and besides, wouldn’t you rather take in the gorgeous scenery and views in nature anyhow? 


Yoga and pilates are also great for RVing because the only equipment you need is a mat. Set up your own zen “yoga studio” in the great outdoors, surrounded by beauty and nature–what better way to relax and recharge. Pilates more your thing? There are countless apps, videos and digital programs to take your workout anywhere you have a TV, smartphone or tablet. And don’t forget the benefits of simple situps and pushups, which are great for the total body and can be done anywhere. 


And, with ample storage room in all Fleetwood RV models, taking along some small home gym equipment is a snap. Keep a small, handy organizing tub to store light hand weights, resistance bands and a jump rope. You can enjoy your workouts anywhere you please–on a mountainous overlook, on the beach, in the woods–literally anywhere your travels take you!

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