5 Fascinating Snowbird Journey Destinations

May 8, 2018

Looking for a great place to go to for the winter? If you’re a snowbird, you probably start planning your journey as soon as there’s a slight chill in the air. Snowbirds are people who live most of the year in one location but spend the winter somewhere else.

Many are retired, while others may be self-employed or can work remotely. They love where they live, but they hate the cold. Some just don’t enjoy the winter season, while others may find that their aches, pains, or other health issues are worse when it’s colder. They usually start migrating south just like birds do when it starts to get chilly, then return to their main home in early spring.

Thinking of getting into the snowbird life?

Whether it’s to a cabin or a condo you rent for several months, a second home you own, or an RV/trailer you hitch up to your car, your winter getaway lets you escape the cold and the snow. If you’re new to the idea of wintering somewhere else, you might not be sure where to head off to.

Here are 5 great places many snowbirds flock to in the cooler months.

Florida is one of, if not the, place most snowbirds head to during the winter. There are a lot of RV campgrounds here where you can set up shop for months on end without breaking the bank. There’s a beach around just about every corner. Even if you’re not big into swimming, the view of the sun as it sets over the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico is simply stunning. There are plenty of large cities to purchase summer property in or if that’s not your thing, a number of smaller retirement communities. Florida has just about everything a snowbird could want. Some don’t want the journey to end and even decide to move here.

Some snowbirds aren’t a fan of Florida’s high humidity, though, so they stop a few states north. South Carolina is a popular destination for those looking for more moderate temperatures. There are some great tourist destinations here including Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Prices aren’t as high as they are in Florida, either, especially if you’re looking to buy a vacation house. South Carolina is also nice for those who don’t want to travel out west for the winter. You’re close enough to visit Florida, Atlanta, and other desirable destinations within driving distance.

Continuing across the southern part of the country, the next state that plays host to many snowbirds is Texas. Like Florida, there are many affordable RV campgrounds in the state, especially during the winter months. Because of its size, Texas has a lot to offer. You can set up camp on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, or you can choose something in the center of the state. San Antonio is especially popular with older generations, but Dallas, Houston, and Austin also have their perks and head the list of go-to destinations.

Where Florida is known for its damp heat, Arizona has more of a dry heat. You won’t find beachfront living here, but the sunsets are just as gorgeous. The views in parts of Arizona rival anything you’ll find elsewhere, and the slow pace of life is perfect for those who aren’t in a hurry to do much. Phoenix is the place to go for those who are looking for a large metro area, but the many smaller towns in Arizona are also quite welcoming. While you’re spending the winter months here, be sure to visit the Grand Canyon at least once. It’s a gorgeous sight you won’t want to miss.

Eventually, of course, you’ll hit the west coast. California is the end-goal of some snowbirds, even if it means driving across country. In fact, some people love the idea of spending a week or more slowly making their way from their home to their winter escape. You’ll find many great places to park your RV for the summer, plus there are condos for long-term rent available throughout the state. If you choose to winter in the southern part of California, you’ll find incredible beaches plus everything LA, San Diego, and San Francisco have to offer. In the northern part, you can set up your RV campsite in the redwood forests and surround yourself with these majestic trees.

Because California is so popular, you may find it more difficult to find open RV parks in certain areas. It’s worth it, though—California has such a diverse environment that you can find just about any different type of setting somewhere in the state.

These are just five of the great places where snowbirds can spend the cold winter months. If you aren’t a fan of the cold and are ready for a change of scenery, spending the winter in a warmer climate can be a lot of fun.

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