7 Ideas To Deck Out Your RV To Be the Best On the Site

August 20, 2018

If you regularly travel in your RV, you might want to make a few improvements to it over time. This is especially true if you have an older RV that is starting to show its age. By decking it out, you can make it more comfortable and get more use out of certain areas or functions. Here are seven different things you can do to upgrade your vehicle so that it’s the envy of all at the campsite.

Many novice RV-ers know the practical benefits of LED lights; they last much longer than other types of bulbs, expend little energy, and also put out a lot of light. Beyond their eco-and-budget friendly function, however, LED lights can also amp up the aesthetic of your RVs exterior. From durable, LED commercial string lights for the long-term road-trippers, to LED fairy lights and globes for campers who really want to spruce up their awning or door frame, LED bulbs come in all shapes and colors. Want to play bags after sundown? Invite neighbors and friends over for late night pudgy pies? Exterior lighting is not only useful, but can also add some style and ambiance to your RV; perfect for getting you to go (or stay) outside making late night food, friends, and best of all – memories!

After spending the day hiking, swimming, sight-seeing, exploring, or fishing — it’s time to return to the camper. While tunes aren’t a must-have when enjoying nature and the great outdoors, they can definitely be a welcome addition at a campsite. The Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 is a water-resistant, wireless, bluetooth speaker great for listening to jams in rain or shine, while the Dreamweave Tremor has a battery life of 15-plus hours and delivers a robust, full sound — perfect for RV-ers traveling in large groups. What portable speaker you choose will depend on your budget and need for bass.

Wanting to relax outside? Hammocks, zero gravity chairs, and Quadra chairs are all perfect accessories for your “under-the-awning” setup. And for the grill masters and drink lovers, adding a propane fire pit, meat smoker, stainless-steel tumblers, or Aeropress to your camping arsenal can bring a little bit of personalized, portable luxury to your RV journey.

From simple card/board games to croquet, ring toss, and bags, every camping trip needs some fun activities and games. For both novice and new RV-ers looking to up their “under-the-awning” set up — what better way to catch people’s eye than slacklining; walking/balancing on a suspended length of flat webbing, tensioned low-to-the-ground between two anchors. There are several possibilities on how to use a vehicle for your slackline setup – you can anchor it to the towing shackle/ball, or you can try the “wheel and log method.”

Another great way of saving energy is to install a few solar panels on the roof of your RV. These panels will gather energy as you drive or remain camped, saving your RV’s battery or reducing the amount of electricity you use. This can be especially nice if you’re boondocking somewhere out in the wilderness where there is no electrical hookup. Even if you don’t install permanent solar panels on your RV, it’s not a bad idea to have an emergency solar cell phone charger just in case you get stuck for help somewhere, and your phone is out of juice.

Most RVs come with a fairly standard shower head. You can easily upgrade that to something that puts out a lot more water. A nice shower does more than just get you clean after a long day of driving or exploring – it also helps to relax your tense muscles. If you’ve been sitting in the driver’s seat for most of the day, it’s a definite help in working out those cramps. Shower heads are also affordable and easy to install with only a few tools and items from any hardware store.

Adding a portable air compressor to your RV’s emergency kit is a great idea. These small pieces of equipment can refill a flat tire enough to get you to a mechanic or add a little extra air to tires that are looking low. You can also use it to re-inflate your bicycle tires or ATV tires before heading out on an adventure. An air compressor, even one of the smaller portable models, does take up a good amount of space, though. Be sure you can fit it in your RV or in the storage area before you buy one.

Tired of hearing all of your kids video games and other noises? A few headphone jacks scattered throughout the RV can be a nice way of shutting out everything and getting a little quiet time. You can add headphone jacks throughout your RV so you can listen to music anywhere without distracting others. You can also make use of remote headphone jacks that don’t require as much wiring or work to install.

Don’t want to miss the next big game or your favorite TV shows? You can install a TV signal booster or dish on your RV so you can watch everything without worrying about the picture breaking up or losing the signal. You may still not be able to get all of the stations when you’re in a remote area, of course, but these dishes will make it easier to keep up with your programs. When you’re buying your RV, be sure to ask about which dishes work with the model you’re purchasing. Sometimes, you can add them on to the purchase at a much lower price than what you’d pay later.

These are just seven fairly easy ways to deck out your RV and impress all of your friends. Your RV is like a second home, so why not take the time to do a little remodel or addition to it and make it even more amazing?

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