An inside look at Fleetwood RV

March 14, 2022

Want to know what goes into making Fleetwood RV one of the most luxurious motor coaches on the market? Join Fleetwood’s own Product and Inside Sales Manager Doug Miller as he walks you through all the magic that makes your Fleetwood RV special.


Apex Furniture

Doug joins Bill Cox, owner of Apex Custom Furniture, to discuss the high-end (and wildly popular) residential-style furniture that Apex produces for our Fleetwood RVs.


Find out how our design team chooses the color, texture, and pattern for all your Fleetwood RV fabrics.


Doug visits the Design Center to show off our process, approach, and criteria for selecting all the stunning tile options available for your Fleetwood RV.


Learn about the suppliers, partners, materials, and processes that go into furnishing every corner of your Fleetwood.


Doug visits the Fleetwood RV Design Center to find out the local secret to our cabinet success.

Design Center

Join Doug as he sneaks into the Design Center to see where the inspiration comes from for all the interior decor decisions on your Fleetwood RV.


Time, care, and craftsmanship go into every step of the Fleetwood RV construction process, including lamination. Go behind the scenes and see the precise, thorough lamination process that goes into building your Fleetwood RV!

Intro to Paint

We don’t outsource our luxury RV’s paint jobs. We keep it all in-house. Owning our own paint facility means we can ensure the best possible quality, explore innovative new designs and techniques, and offer our Fleetwood RV customers more options to choose from.

Paint Process

We put the same level of care and craftsmanship into painting our luxury RVs as we do to building them. In this video, we’ll show you everything that goes into each Fleetwood RV paint job.


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