Cold days mean warming up with good friends and family.

October 20, 2020

When it’s cooler, it’s cozier.

The cooler weather brings with it a number of unique and festive opportunities to enjoy more time with the gang at football games, festivals, family gatherings or just hitting the road for a weekend away. Let’s pour some hot cider or cocoa with marshmallows and grill up some hot ones for great memories around the campfire!

Bundle up and be cozy.
With the abundant closets, compartments and lower luggage and basement storage in your Fleetwood RV, it’s easy to have all you need to make it your fully equipped, all-season celebration station. From the comfort of your heated cabin and slideouts, there’s always a warm retreat waiting for you and your clan. Outside, you can make the most of your outdoor time too, by packing all the warm apparel, blankets and coverups you need with room for a few extras, too. Unpack the extra-warm feels with blankets emblazoned with your favorite logo and extra-warm parkas and boots a notch above what you think you’ll need. That way, if the mercury drops lower than you expected, you can still give Jack Frost the cold shoulder.

Driving out the cold.
Your Fleetwood’s chassis is designed to provide smooth, predictable handling and reliable operation to allow you to drive in a wide variety of conditions and in all seasons. But colder weather and shorter daylight driving hours bring with them unique challenges: wind, rain, possible snow/ice and other slick surprises like tree leaves covering the road. Taking time to check the essentials before you set off in the cold is key to driving with confidence. First: Tire pressures can lose one to two pounds with every ten degrees of temperature so check and fill to proper inflation pressures while cold. Also, have your engine coolant checked for freeze point and recharged if necessary – it’s easy to do and is vital for the health of your engine. And of course, making sure all lighting is working properly helps ensure you can see and be seen out on the road. As for driving in cold weather, has some good advice for keeping you safe when the road gets gnarly.

Extend that great RV feeling.
RV camping during the colder months is not difficult when you follow some time-tested best practices as temperatures fall. First and most important: Protect your pipes and tanks from cold! While you can go as far as installing skirting around the base of your RV to block out wind and cold, you can also undertake simple, common-sense practices, too. For example, keep under-sink bath and kitchen cabinets open to allow warm air circulation on pipes.
Another basic cold weather practice is to park your RV in the sun to soak up those heat waves. As for keeping the cabin cozy, maximize heating efficiency by covering up windows, windscreen with reflective insulation panels and drawing the drapes and shades on windows – you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes! For more on cold-weather RVing and how to keep you and your family warm read the KOA blog at:

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