Fall Fun for Your Little Ones

November 3, 2021

Looking to keep your kids occupied and engaged on your next fall road trip, and don’t want to give them day-long “tablet time?” We have three fall activity ideas for you that keep them entertained and engaged, and allow them to get creative, too.

“Collect” the season
Whether your trip has many stops or one lone destination, take advantage of the season’s natural beauty and task your kids to collect some of the season’s signature items—colorful leaves, pine cones, acorns, and more! Give them a checklist before you leave, award them a small prize for completing it, and keep their collections to use in fall crafts once you return home!

“Before and after” journals
All you’ll need for this one is a notebook or pad of paper, and some coloring pencils or crayons. The idea here is to have your little ones observe the natural beauty of fall’s changing colors and ask them to draw what they see! Then on a new page, ask them to draw the image again, but this time using the colors the trees and plants would be in spring or summer. It’s a great way to teach them about the seasonal changes and have them use their memories to replicate the warm-weather colors.

Find the autumn animals
We love this slideshow from National Geographic highlighting the critters you’re more likely to see during the fall season. As you wander and explore with your family, talk to them about the animals on this list? Which of them are we more likely to see where we are? Where might we have to go to find the others? It’s less doing and more conversation, but an easy way to sneak in some education on your next road trip.

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