Fleetwood Resolutions

January 11, 2022

We know better than to make lofty New Year’s Resolutions we’ll never stick to. That’s why we encourage all of our Fleetwood RV family to make Fleetwood Resolutions, instead— six far more reasonable, easier-to-achieve promises that will ultimately lead to a better on the road with your Fleetwood RV.

  1. Plan ahead
    This one’s an obvious one, but in 2021, the combined increase in both travel and RV ownership meant that many of your favorite places probably felt a bit more crowded last year. And in 2022, things will most likely continue in that direction. This year, make sure to do a little extra planning to make sure you and your family can fully enjoy every place you go. Oh—and make sure to book campsites way far in advance!
  2. Join the Owners Club
    The Fleetwood RV Owners Club is a no-brainer for every Fleetwood RV owner. This member-operated club connects you with a massive family of Fleetwood RV enthusiasts and makes it easier to share tech tips, travel ideas, and more. You’ll get rally discounts, free FMA website classifieds, and an invite to the annual Fleetwood National Rally, a multi-day event planned around family fun, product seminars and more. Join today!
  3. Attend more Fleetwood RV events
    Beyond the events coordinated by the Owners Club, there are also a number of events across the country for Fleetwood RV families to enjoy. Next on the calendar? The 2022 Florida RV SuperShow, January 19 – 22 in Tampa, Florida, and the Fleetwood RV National Rally January 25 in Webster, Florida! Learn more about both events.
  4. Make service & maintenance a routine
    This may be the least exciting Fleetwood Resolution so far, but it’s the most important. Routine service and maintenance is what keeps your Fleetwood RV performing like new, which means you can enjoy life on the road, worry-free. Schedule an appointment with one of our service centers today.
  5. Share with us!
    Your family is a part of the larger Fleetwood RV family. Might as well keep in touch and let us know how you’re enjoying your Fleetwood RV! In 2022, consider sharing some great vacation photos from the road on our Facebook page, or tag us in your Instagram uploads! 
  6. Keep it in the family!
    The most important promise you could make in this new year? Keep giving your family memories that will last a lifetime. Spending time together, living on the road, learning about the country, is what makes you and every other Fleetwood RV owner so special. 


Have a 2022 Fleetwood Resolution of your own? Share it with us on our Facebook page!

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