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February 12, 2021

Make history in your Fleetwood.

Starting this year’s travel out right is easy when you plan to visit great destinations. In commemoration of Presidents’ Day, we’re sharing presidential destinations that are educational and inspirational. We’ll also be firing up the grill with some tips on making your next grill-out delicious and safe. Plus, we’ll be catching up on the recent Florida RV Show sharing comments from leaders on how the show went. And we’ll wash it all down with a delicious Valentine’s Day beverage. C’mon in!

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A Presidential Hat Trick: Three historic adventures
In the world of RV travel, there can be all kinds of trips, from relaxation, to reunions and more. These three destinations are geared to inspire your patriotism and love of country.

President’s House and Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, PA

As Philadelphia is the birthplace of American Democracy, it’s a must-do presidential stop. In fact, Philadelphia is where George Washington and John Adams, the country’s first two presidents, lived and worked as they led the fledgling United States through its tumultuous early years. Although the President’s House was demolished in 1832, an open-air monument and education center mark the site where the house once stood.

But there’s plenty more here to see that brings American history to life, including Independence National Historical Park. The park encompasses a collection of sites where foundational events of the newly birthed country occurred. The Liberty Bell Center, Independence Visitor Center, Independence Hall, Congress Hall and the outdoor sites are currently open, and most are free. RVers can spend the night at Philadelphia South KOA, just 20 minutes from downtown Philly.

Roosevelt’s Little White House State Historic Site, Warm Springs, GA
On the decidedly warmer latitude of Georgia sits the vacation home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States from 1933-1945. Roosevelt, who guided the country through the Great Depression and World War II, came to this retreat to soak in the natural springs to relieve his body and the ravages of polio that afflicted him. Roosevelt eventually established a vacation home in Warm Springs. The home was nicknamed the “Little White House” and is one of Georgia’s most visited historic sites.

RVers can spend the night at Pine Mountain RV Resort. Nestled in the beautiful Georgia pines, the resort is packed with amenities, including a fitness room, pool, hot tub, steam showers, as well as an on-site concierge.

Harry S. Truman Little White House, Key West, FL
There can be no doubt the “buck stops here,” as Key West is at the very tip of the continental U.S. and to drive any further would land you in the Atlantic Ocean. Harry S. Truman, the 33rd president of the United States, spent 175 days of his presidency at his Little White House in the warm climate of Key West. The home was originally built in 1890 as housing for naval officers. Guided tours of the home and Florida’s only presidential museum are conducted regularly.

Bluewater Key, a luxury RV resort, is a great place to stay nearby. There’s also a golf course, the Shipwreck Museum, and the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum to explore while you’re in the area.

Bonus Destination: Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, SD
Since no Presidential list of destinations is complete without Rushmore, here it is. This colossal stone edifice in the Black Hills of South Dakota took 14 years to complete, from 1927 to 1941, and cost approximately $1 million dollars (a huge sum at the time). The heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are 60 feet tall and were carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore with dynamite. The four presidents were chosen to represent the nation’s birth, growth, development, and preservation.

While South Dakota is small in population, it’s big in tourist sites and attractions. In addition to Mount Rushmore, there’s Crazy Horse Memorial, the Black Hills, Badlands, Devil’s Tower National Monument, Custer State Park, Wall Drug, Sioux Falls and more.

RVers visiting Mount Rushmore can stay overnight at American Buffalo Resorts in the heart of the Black Hills.

Grill to thrill: Tips to make you “King of the Grill”
You know it takes more than a silly chef hat to be a grilling legend, so we’ve collected some advice that you can use this grilling season to fill it with flavor.

Mail-order meats
As we’ve been social distancing, the online meat selection and volume has increased and provided grillers with some amazing varieties and kinds of meats not found at the local grocery, like beef cheeks, veal tomahawk steaks and top-grade wagyu from Japan. Consider taking a few of these online delicacies on your next trip!

Pellet Grills
With advancements in technology and types of pellet fuels that can be used to flavor food, pellet grills have burst onto the grilling scene. And while most are large and made for the back patio of a house, some work quite well travelling in an RV. The advantages of a wood pellet grill is that they are very easy to use, they keep consistent temperatures and they combine the best of cooking and smoking into one slick operation.

Grill Safely
No matter what kind of grilling or BBQ you will be doing, now’s a good time to follow the guidelines for keeping it safe. Make sure your grill gets a thorough cleaning of all the necessary parts, grates, heating elements, grease trays ̶ the works. For gas grills regularly check for leaks. Turn on the tank and use soapy water which will create bubbles if there are leaks, to check the hose and fittings. As you’re traveling and grilling in different places, make sure your grill is always on level ground. And while grilling, make sure there’s a clear area around the grill of at least three feet. Lastly (but certainly not least), check your fire extinguisher for proper type and full charge. Don’t have one designated for the grill? Get one and always have it on-hand.

Record RV sales in Tampa: The SuperShow lives up to its name
Every year, the Florida RV Trade Association hosts its RV SuperShow, an extravaganza of all things RV. It showcases all the major brands of RVs as well as products and services that are part of the industry. This year’s show was driven by the massive sales momentum the industry is currently experiencing, with Fleetwood RV at the forefront.

Driven in part by sales of the popular Fleetwood RV Discovery and Discovery LXE, REV Recreation Group reported nearly 40% sales growth over last year’s show. “We had our best Tampa RV Show ever and are extremely pleased with the buzz around our product line,” mentioned Lenny Razo, Director of Sales for REV Recreation Group. With more RVs on the road than any other brand, you can be proud of your Fleetwood.

This Valentine’s comes with a punch: Classic Valentine’s Day punch recipe
There are three versions of this delicious, classic punch: the non-alcoholic version (for the kids), a version with alcohol (for the adults), and a version with champagne (just right for a romantic evening), so choose your favorite and enjoy!


  • 2 liter of Sprite or Sierra Mist
  • 1 bottle of red juice (cranberry, cran-raspberry, etc.)
  • 1 bottle of orange or any sweet citrus juice (or frozen concentrate)
  • Large pitcher or a punch bowl (serves 15-20 people)

Pour all three bottles into a large pitcher or punch bowl and stir well. Ladle into cups or glasses, serve and enjoy. That was easy!

Adult version:
Add to the above recipe at the end:

  • 3 cups vodka
  • 1 cup triple sec

Classic Valentine’s Day Champagne Punch
To make a classic champagne punch version, simply substitute champagne or prosecco in place of the Sierra Mist or Sprite for a light and refreshing, delightful champagne punch!

(Please enjoy responsibly)

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