Holiday treats.

December 14, 2020

Your Festive Fleetwood.

This month we’re not holding back! We’re looking for Fleetwood owners and families who have decorated their Fleetwood with the most-festive flair. Care to share yours? Gather the family, take some photos and post to our Facebook page with the hashtag #Fleetwood4TheHolidays!

Holiday inspiration for illumination.
This year, lighting and decorating your RV has never been easier. With advances in technology and LED lighting, the possibilities can go as far as your imagination. Before you hit the store or the Internet, here’s some tips that can add enjoyment and safety to your project.

Stay off the naughty list.
Use low-voltage holiday lighting with LED illumination and make sure everything is UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) listed for safety compliance. Also make sure your outdoor lighting is outdoor-rated and your electrical connections are well-protected and safely within the load limits for electrical current. It also is a good time to test your smoke alarm and check the status of your fire extinguisher. Make the holidays your season of safety reminder!

Holidays inside your Fleetwood.
Some of us can get carried away in the holiday spirit—that’s perfectly fine, considering all the storage areas to hide presents and keep decorations for your holiday on wheels. Inside your Fleetwood, a little LED lighting goes a long way! Make sure your string lights are safely secured and will stay up as you travel. Mood lighting in festive red and green can accent your living area and even be controlled by remote or a phone app. Battery-powered, wirelessly connected lights are easy to install and so fun you might want to keep them in place all year long.

Your holiday campsite.
There’s nothing quite as visually engaging as the holiday campsite, complete with illuminated wreaths, garlands and awning adorned with tinsel. Depending on your theme, you may even decide to make some illuminated palm trees and flamingos part of your showcase as well! With the range and types of lighting and inflatable outdoor decorations, it’s easy to put snowmen roasting marshmallows at your campsite, or maybe even the Grinch on top of your Fleetwood! Check out Pinterest and other Internet sites—you’ll be amazed and inspired by what’s possible!

New Traditions: Holidays with family.
Some of our fondest recollections of the holidays usually include the phrase, “And every year at this time, we would (insert favorite tradition), and it was magical…” So, what starts up great holiday traditions? They have to originate from somewhere, right? While many traditions like mistletoe and holly are ancestral, others like watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer happen and are so darn popular we want them to happen every year. Still others are planned and thought out. That’s where you come in.

As we approach year’s end, consider starting a new family tradition for the holidays. A new, planned annual ritual or activity can be the spark that lights the way for years to come. Maybe it’s having the whole family pitch in to decorate your Fleetwood. Perhaps it can be an ornament that each family member brings every year to celebrate togetherness. Or, a keepsake box of note cards written by each family member sharing what they are most thankful for. Whatever idea you decide to start this year, you can relish the fact that you’ve set in motion the stuff of great memories to come!

Refresher Course: Peppermint Hot Cocoa.
Looking for a hot cocoa treat that tastes like Christmas? Peppermint hot cocoa is just the ticket. Sounds simple enough, but with a few tricks added you can take this holiday favorite to an entirely new level! The secret is the peppermint—you can crush candy canes in a food processor, melt down a bar of peppermint bark or crack open the peppermint extract—make it as pepperminty as you desire! Top it all off with whipped cream, tiny marshmallows, crushed candy cane sprinkles and a small candy cane to hang off the side of your mug to let everyone know you’re fresh for the mistletoe!

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