How can the RV lifestyle be family-friendly?

February 27, 2023

Road trips in a recreational vehicle can be ideal for the whole family. Traveling in an RV is easy to plan around school vacations, costs less than flying in the long run, and with no flights or trains to catch, you’re always on your own schedule. It can also be less stressful when traveling with just your family in your own vehicle instead of navigating airport crowds and other busy travelers–if the kids get antsy on the road, you have the freedom to simply pull over and let them get their wiggles out. 

Typical school-year calendars are filled with three- and four-day weekends for fall break, national holidays, and staff in-service days for teachers. Summer vacation can allow for longer trips and national parks further away, and winter break can be great for ski destinations in cold climates. Take advantage of those school breaks and long weekends, and pack up the family for some quality road time in your RV. Bring along games, puzzles, books and other activities to keep everyone entertained during drive time—and then take in the scenic sights all together at each of your stops. Have a general plan, but be flexible and embrace the spontaneity of the journey!

When traveling in your RV you will also have control over how much you can bring along. Rather than squeezing everything into a carry-on bag (or worse yet, risk losing your luggage altogether during air travel), your vehicle will have maximized storage space for luggage, supplies and other necessary gear. You can pack as much as your space will allow–no need for travel-sized toiletries or sacrificing items from home that aren’t TSA-approved. You can also find the perfect RV model floor plan to suit your family’s needs, while feeling at home on the road. 

RVs are perfectly suited to family lifestyles. Many models are equipped with bunk beds or fold-away sleeping areas that kids will love to cozy up in. The Fleetwood Fortis has a drop-down hideaway-style bed and the all-new exclusive Kid Kave™ in the 36Y., and the Discovery LXE 40G and 44B also feature bunks. The spacious common areas in all models are roomy enough for everyone to grab a seat for meals and hangout time. Plus, you can always set up the canopy for the patio for an outdoor extension to your living space. The kids can play catch, tag, cornhole, or stargaze, you name it. 

RV living can be fun for the entire family—so pack up and hit the road!

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