Ian Somerhalder Chooses Fleetwood RV

February 23, 2022

With a jam-packed schedule for 2022, traveling in a Fleetwood RV will allow Somerhalder and wife Nikki Reed to live and work on their terms, and with the entire family in tow.

Actor and entrepreneur Ian Somerhalder has chosen a Fleetwood RV as his family’s home on the road. Throughout 2022, Somerhalder—best known for his work in The Vampire Diaries and Lost television series—is traveling the country in a luxury Fleetwood RV Discovery® LXE 40M model to support his entrepreneurial endeavors and visit family and friends.

Somerhalder recently launched Indiana-based Brother’s Bond bourbon with fellow actor and close friend, Paul Wesley. Brother’s Bond has become one of the fastest selling ultra-premium bourbon brands.

Why travel the country in an RV?
From a very young age, Somerhalder was a fan of RVs and attributes his lifelong dream to travel the United States in a Fleetwood RV to his grandfather. With an RV, they can set their own schedule and enjoy the country at their own pace. Plus, instead of coordinating a bunch of lodging reservations across the country they can simply pull into a town in their comfortable home on wheels.

Why did Ian choose Fleetwood RV?
The “Made in America” aspect of Fleetwood RV is important to Somerhalder. Plus, the Midwestern farm fields that grow the corn for his Brother’s Bond bourbon are just down the road from Decatur, where Fleetwood RVs are made.

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Ian Somerhalder Image Credit: Nikki Reed

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