Keeping it Fresh: Dating While RVing With the Kids

April 14, 2023

Once you’ve established a family unit, it can be easy to focus on the kids and neglect your marriage or partnership with your significant other. Well, we’re here to remind you how important it is to nurture that loving relationship! Parents can give more to their children when there’s a solid marriage from which to build that family foundation! Here are some of our simple ideas to keep dating your spouse while the kids are in tow:


Carry out dinner.

Pick a new or old favorite restaurant closeby and order take out for two! Make it extra special with candles and music from a bluetooth speaker to up the romance.


Take a walk together nearby.

If your kids are old enough to stay in the RV alone, just make sure one of you has a phone so they can reach you in case of emergency. Or, take a baby monitor or walkie-talkie! A brief walk just the two of you can do wonders without family distractions.


Set up a movie.

Once the kiddos are in bed, set up one of your favorite films and watch it under the stars. Sharing a bowl of popcorn in your very own outdoor drive-in can be super fun and romantic!


Have a coffee date.

Get up before the kids and share a cozy cup of coffee as you watch the sun come up! Just a few extra minutes of alone time can go a long way when you’re traveling with the whole family for an extended period of time.


Read a book together.

Sharing a book is a great way to reconnect with your love. Have one person take a page at a time, or switch off as you want. The subject matter can be a funny autobiography you’re both into, a creepy horror story, self-help or marriage advice, or anything in-between. It’s a nice way to stay off the screens and just read together. 


Even though your kids are important, your marriage or partnership must also be prioritized. Loving each other well is a surefire way to extend that love and joy to the whole family!

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