Let’s break tread together

January 24, 2023

Everyone loves to make excuses for why they haven’t gotten in their workout yet. Being on the road is no different! Working out while traveling in your RV is guaranteed to be more enjoyable than walking miles on the treadmill to nowhere. Exercising on the road can be a great opportunity for some gorgeous sightseeing, quality family time, and of course – moving your body.


No matter where your adventures take you, a trail or nature preserve is probably close by! Take some time to research some local trails with great views. We suggest figuring out the trail’s length and incline before embarking on your journey. Venturing through a gorgeous landscape makes the hike more of a sightseeing experience; you might even forget you’re working out!


If walking the trails isn’t for you, all of our Fleetwood RV’s are roomy enough for you and your family to bring your bikes along! Biking is not only a great workout but it is also great transportation. Biking allows you to travel further than walking and can be an opportunity to visit some sights that are not car-accessible. By pedaling rather than driving, you can easily ride into the next town or city. With a bike, you can explore more of your surrounding area while getting in a workout.


If you are not looking to venture far from your RV, doing yoga could be a great option for you. Not only is it low impact, but you can practice yoga virtually anywhere with little to no prior experience. While our Fleetwood RVs are big enough to do yoga inside, we strongly suggest breathing in some fresh air and practicing yoga in nature with beautiful surroundings. Yoga can be practiced right by your RV or you can pause your hike and get some good stretches in! If you are new to the idea- we suggest looking up some yoga poses for beginners.


With different workout options for beginners through experts, making excuses for skipping your workout this year just became a little more difficult! Let’s make 2023 the year for active family fun and adventure!

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