Low-Fuel Staycation Ideas

April 4, 2022

Risky weather + high gas prices = two great reasons to stay home. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still make fun for the whole family.

Spring travel is always a bit risky because of the unpredictable weather, but the current high gas prices aren’t helping either. Instead of packing up the family and spending a ton of money only to get rained out halfway across the country, we wanted to share a few low-to-no-fuel staycation ideas that will still bring the family fun.

Pizza Party in the Fleetwood
If you have little ones and they’re big fans of making their own pizzas at home, they’ll love doing it in the driveway on board your Fleetwood RV. Roll it into a full-family sleepover and you’ll earn some serious “Parent of the Year” points.

Game Night in the RV
Just like with pizza night, moving a household happening onto your luxury RV is a simple but effective way to do something special without ever leaving the driveway. Set up multiple game stations throughout your mobile coach, hook up a game console or two to your RV TV’s, and presto—a no-cost outing full of family fun.

Family movie night
If your Fleetwood RV came with an exterior entertainment package and the weather cooperates, you could host a family movie night under the stars. But if the spring rains don’t cooperate, invite everyone on board, pop some popcorn in your Fleetwood’s kitchen, then get cozy with the whole gang for a movie night indoors.

Stay local!
You had the pizza party. You hosted a game night. You even watched a movie both in and out of your Fleetwood. But the kids are still goofy with cabin fever. Instead of filling up the tank and driving across the country for a spring vacation, seek out an RV park in your city or state or boondock it in a beautiful out-of-the-way area. You’ll be away from home and get a change of scenery without feeling the sting of those high gas prices.

What are your favorite ways to have a staycation with your Fleetwood RV? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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