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Class A

Discovery LXE

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2020 Dis LXE 3 Qtr
  • Rv pro 2020 best of show

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Luxury is what defines Discovery LXE. It starts with the Freedom Bridge™ platform and a digital dash with push button start and dual monitors. Beauty meets convenience with Roadwire® front seats, porcelain floors and a Whirlpool® dishwasher.

We even managed to take Discovery LXE up a notch in 2020. Two new floorplans maximize the length to 44 feet, where you enjoy independent suspension, 450 horsepower and a 15,000-pound towing capacity. And you can add a second full bay 90-inch slide-out tray or Hide-A-Loft™ twin bed to any of our floorplans.

Comfort, luxury, convenience, space—Discovery LXE simply checks all the boxes.

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  • MY20 Discovery LXE 40 D
  • MY20 Discovery LXE 40 Gr
  • MY20 Discovery LXE 40 M
  • MY20 Discovery LXE 44 Br
  • MY20 Discovery LXE 44 Hr


Floorplan - 40D  |  Decor - Celestial Grey
Floorplan - 40D  |  Decor - Celestial Grey
Floorplan - 40D  |  Decor - Celestial Grey
15 masterbed 44 H Dis LXE celest grey2851


  • Sofa Tuscany Cliffside copy
    Celestial Gray Livacc PDATE MY20 dis dislxe copy
    Bedspread barclansilver DIS Celestialgrey copy
    Countertop Haze M308 copy
    Flooring Timeless Dk Grey Discovery DISLXE copy
    Carpet Birch copy
  • Ridge Taupe furniture Dis Dis LXE MY20 pu19 copy
    RIDGELAND LI Vaccdent MY20 PU19 dis DI Slxe copy
    Bedspread Prism Pewter Disc Taupe copy
    Countertop Arcas T050jpg copy
    Ridge Taupe flooring Dis Dis LXEMY20 copy
    Carpet Birch copy 2
  • Savoytan furniture Disc DISC LXE MY20 pu MY19 copy
    Savoytan livaccent My20 pu MY19 dis dislxe copy
    Bedspread Disc Disc LXE savoytan MY29
    Countertop Libra copy
    Flooring Timeless Dk Grey Discovery DISLXE copy
    Carpet Windmill 1 copy

Cabinetry Options

Cappuccino Cappuccino

Greystone Greystone

Oxford Oxford

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Cummins ISL 9L

380-450 Horsepower

1,150-1,250 lb ft Torque

Firefly Multiplex Touchscreen with App Control

Lighting & Climate Controls

Tank & Battery Monitoring

Freedom Bridge® Chassis

10,000-15,000 lbs Hitch Rating

1,000-1,500 lbs Tongue Weight


  • Disc LXE44 H profile FLANNEL MY20 1798
  • Disc LXE44 H profile LIBERTY MY20 1798
  • Disc LXE44 H profile MYSTIC MY20 1798
  • Disc LXE44 H profile TUXEDO MY20 1798
  • • Five Incredible Floorplans to Choose From
  • • Full-Scale Luxury Class A Diesel Motorhome
  • • Three Interior Décor Choices
  • • Three Cabinetry Options
  • • Hide-A-Loft™ Drop Down Twin Bed
  • • Whirlpool® Refrigerator with Water & Ice In-door
  • • Articulating Bed
  • • Front Tile Floor Heat
  • • Recessed Induction Cooktop
  • • Motion Power Lounge with USB in cupholders
  • • Auto LED Headlights
  • • All New Transmission Control System
  • • Push Button Start w/Key Fob
  • • Fully Integrated Smart Wheel Controls
  • • FCCC Digital Dash
  • • Suspended Accelerator and Brake Pedals

Building a Legacy

Some manufacturers boast that they build RVs the same way a homebuilder builds your house. The problem is that your house isn't designed to hit the open road at highway speeds. At Fleetwood RV, we take a different view. We utilize proprietary engineering and technology to ensure the durability of Fleetwood RVs over the long-haul, without sacrificing the comforts of home. Every step of our design and manufacturing process considers both needs - and it's that kind of thinking that will set your coach apart from others on the road.
Read more about Driving a Legacy.

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Vehicle being assembled
Vehicle Assembly Line
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RV Ownercare

Limited one-year/15,000-mile coach warranty and three-year/45,000-mile structural warranty, whichever occurs first, and fully transferable for the first 12 months.
This is one of the RV industry’s most comprehensive RV warranty programs.