National Parks to Visit in the Winter

December 20, 2021

To be honest, you can’t go wrong visiting any of our National Parks during the winter season. But if you need help narrowing it down for a quick winter road trip, we selected a handful for you and why we recommend them first. 

The Grand Canyon (Arizona)
Though the seasonal changes here aren’t as dramatic as they are at some other parks, this natural wonder still takes on a whole new look and feel in the winter months, with light snow peppering the slopes and blanketing the flatter part of the massive rock formations. And while the north rim may be closed for the season, sticking to the south rim is a highly enjoyable experience thanks to the smaller crowds.  

Everglades National Park (Florida)
Want to explore these famed Florida wetlands without getting devoured by mosquitos and other tiny vampires? Then pack up the Fleetwood and head to the Everglades while it’s winter! Less rain and more reasonable temperatures make for a far more pleasant experience when exploring with the whole family. Walk the trails, marvel at the unique plant life, and count all the alligators and migratory birds you see along the way.

Mammoth Cave (Kentucky)
If your kids are bored with “trees and stuff,” try this alternative on for size. Not only does this mean walking through an actual cave, but once you’re in it you’ll get a respite from the freezing temps outside of it! (The cave’s interior temperature hovers around 54 degrees all year.) The park boasts the usual camping activities, but we highly recommend taking one of the expert-guided tours through the cave  itself. 


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