Put the “remote” in remote work.

September 21, 2020

To seize your freedom, set up your RV for work and learning.

When you’re working from roam.
“Together time” can be some of the most productive, if you optimize your motorhome for double-duty as a mobile office or a remote classroom. Read on for ways to get it done that leave room for fun as well.

Book binding.
Lasso lessons, organize reference materials and sort reading by learner or worker. A backpack for each kid or grownup helps keep piles pulled together. Wrap smaller stacks with bungee cords or belts around all sides, then slide them easily into drawers.

Take write turns.
It’s super easy to stay organized with tools that store flat. Pin important papers, maps, calendars and photos on a corkboard. Use notebook-sized whiteboards for scratch paper and note-taking. Affix drawings and reminders to a magnetic board. Keep tacks, magnets, markers and erasers in pencil pouches that can hang from hooks.

Create cubbies.
If there’s work to get through before you can all get out and enjoy the view, mute distractions with folding cardboard dividers or study carrels. They’re inexpensive and lightweight, and little ones can decorate the insides with stickers and pictures that keep them motivated and happy. A plastic file box with a snapping lid gives each child or adult a spot to stash supplies and can serve as a footrest for little legs.

Signal status.
When you’re sharing workspaces, it’s hard to avoid interruptions. Create a “red light, green light” system. Give each person a puck light. When it’s on, everyone knows that that individual is deep in thought or on a call and needs quiet. When it’s off, others may approach with a comment or question.

Corral cords.
Multiple devices mean multiple chargers—so it’s important to keep mayhem to a minimum. Make sure each person has a snapping clamshell cord keeper for phone chargers, and a pouch or case for tablets, phones and power cords. Ideally, choose storage solutions in separate colors for each individual, and make sure each person’s gear is marked or labeled with the same color. This avoids confusion and helps everyone account for their own supplies and equipment.

Station rotation.
Changing position throughout the day can benefit mind and body. Look for adjustable laptop stands on casters, so you can trade spots with your “coworkers” to gain privacy or stretch your legs. They also let you maximize the best part of working on the road––moving with the view!

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