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September 9, 2019

Upgrade Your Next Adventure

All types of camping, from tent to RV camping, is for being outdoors, seeing sights you’ve never seen before, and appreciating the creature comforts you have back at home by roughing it… even if just a little.

Because there’s roughing it, and then there’s roughing it, ya know?

We’re guessing you don’t like your RV camping trips to be sandpaper rough. You would have gotten a tent if you wanted that. And we’re guessing you don’t really want wool rough, either, or you probably would have gotten a pop-up trailer. You’re in a Fleetwood RV, or maybe you’re considering purchasing one. That’s not roughing it at all. Actually, it’s probably more comfortable than your first apartment.

But what if you don’t want to rough at all? What if you want cream AND sugar in your coffee, even if you’re surrounded by 100 miles of wilderness? What if you want sheets with thousands of thread counts? What if, like Queen, you want it all?

Well, OK. No judgements here. Here’s a list of some cushy add-ons to make your Fleetwood more desirable than your HOUSE. There’s also AllRV.com, where you can find a wide assortment of RV accessories, must-haves, and fun outdoor gear.

Sure, they’re not items that will make you feel like royalty, but they will make your life easier on the road, and as you know, that’s worth far more than jewels when you’re out there. And these days, practical items are worth much more in the long run.

  • Portable ice makers —
    Wait, ice isn’t a luxury? Oh, please. Wait until it’s 90 degrees outside and you want some water. You can’t stay inside your RV all day. I mean, sure, some RVs make it really easy, but still. Some campgrounds post limits on how long you can run your generator, too, or allow it only certain times of the day. There’s nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day, or a piece of ice on your neck after you get back from a hot hike.
  • RV awning —
    Ah now we’re getting warmer, right? Actually, we’re getting cooler, as these help keep the sun off your RV and provide some shade to sit in while you’re enjoying your camping spot. There are also window awnings, which keep the sun out of your RV as well as your eyes in the death of the afternoon. And while it’s probably not a problem for most Fleetwood owners, these are still essential for those without.
  • Table fans —
    These small things can help cool an entire room without blades, so your 2-year-old grandchildren who insists on touching everything won’t lose a finger, no matter how many times they get close enough to mimic Darth Vader.
  • Dishwashers —
    The golden brick road to luxury keeps getting smoother! This will save you HOURS of clean-up time that you could spend by the campfire instead of at your sink.
  • Septic-safe toilet paper —
    Yeah, we know. “Wow,” you’re saying. “This is CUSHY. What’s next? NAPKINS?”

OK, fine, but this IS a luxury — the next time you use a scratchy paper in a campground bathroom, or even a leaf on your camping trip, you’ll be crying out for some — and this is just a reminder that you need to buy toilet paper that is made for RVs or septic-safe. You can find that in your local grocery store or at an RV supply store. Amazon, of course, has it as well. Some toilet paper is better than others. We recommend you spring for the good stuff. There’s a brand, for instance, called “Agua-Soft.” We think any toilet paper with “soft” in the title is a good start.

  • Outdoor entertainment centers —
    If your RV doesn’t come with these premium spaces, you can have your side storage compartments converted to an entertainment center, with TVs and speakers mounted in the side compartment of your RV.
  • Tailgating Grills —
    Sure, you COULD use the grill provided at your campsite, if there is one, as long as you don’t mind picking off burnt ends of meat, marshmallows, and something that may or may not be edible at all.
  • Instant Pot —
    You’ve probably heard about these magical devices that cook meals in seconds. If you can set aside the hype, these devices actually do earn their money because they do so much, which is perfect in the tighter conditions of an RV. Yes, there’s a pressure cooker that makes your meal fast and easy, but it also makes rice, steams, and can do the opposite of pressure cook: It can slow cook your meals as well.
  • Chemex Coffee Steeper —
    We promise you this will not get you banned from professional sports for steroids. We also don’t think it will blow up. What it will apparently do is make coffee, and you can store that coffee in the fridge once it’s done.
  • Solar panels —
    Put these on the roof of your RV and charge your battery while you boondock. Did someone say Renew Edition?
  • Bumper mounts —
    These can store bikes, kayaks, and extra camping gear. It also holds up to 600 pounds, so load it up!
  • Portable propane pit —
    Yes, now you can take your fire with you. Campfires are great, but they are also messy, rely on wood (which isn’t always easy to buy at a campground), and they can choke up a campground, your clothes, and passengers, with smoke. These pits produce a smoke-free fire in seconds.
  • Fridge Fan —
    This will cut your fridge cool-down time in half, and it helps reduce sensitive foods from going bad in warm temperatures, as well as helping your RV fridge use less energy and keep a steady, cool temperature. It even prevents frost build-up.
  • Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo —
    OK, before you roll your eyes, you don’t have to enjoy the outdoors EVERY SINGLE SECOND you’re on a trip. What if it’s raining and you’ve already read “The Call of the Wild” five times? These systems are great because you can watch movies as well as play games, and it can run Netflix and YouTube TV, and other entertainment apps, as well.

And don’t forget, AllRV.com is a great place to start your hunt for quality gear from the best RV brands around.

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