Sights & Sounds: 5 Music Vacation Destinations

July 20, 2022

Music makes every road trip better, whether it’s your favorite satellite radio station or a playlist you made before you left. But music can also be the destination of your road trip—specifically places that revolve around or are inspired by music of all kinds. We picked five obvious-but-great music-centric destinations for your next Fleetwood RV family adventure.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland, OH
Easily the most obvious selection on our list, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame packs the entire history of rock ‘n’ roll and beyond into one legendary building. Geek out over memorabilia from the greatest musical minds of every generation, explore literal decades of musical greatness in the stunning exhibits, and even take in some live music on site! Then explore the rest of what Cleveland has to offer.
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Pigeon Forge, TN
Apparently, it wasn’t enough for Dolly Parton to just be one of America’s greatest songwriters, or a country music legend, or an occasional movie star, or a generous philanthropist. She also decided to create her own theme park. Dollywood is nestled amidst the stunning natural beauty of Tennessee and boasts all the rides, lodging, live entertainment, and food you expect to find at an amusement park. The real magic, though, is in all the Dolly-centric attractions on the grounds: wander through her tour bus, explore a recreation of the Tennessee mountain home she grew up in, and see memorabilia from her personal collection!
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Preservation Hall
New Orleans, LA
One of New Orleans most famous music venues, Preservation Hall allows you to experience New Orleans-style jazz up close and personal. Their intimate live music experience honors the city’s musical past and maintains its traditions while nurturing the music community’s future. AND its all-ages, so you can even bring the kids. Please note: Show schedules get announced just a few weeks in advance, so keep an eye on their site and socials for details!
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Paisley Park
Chanhassen, MN
Chances are you’ve been to Minnesota to camp among its abundance of lakes and stunning greenery. But next time you go to “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” make a pitstop in Chanhassen to experience the legendary Paisley Park. For three decades, Paisley Park was the home and production complex for one of the most prolific and influential musical minds ever. Now you can explore the facility, see Prince-inspired exhibitions, and even enjoy live music.
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Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO
Now this is a concert venue worth taking a cross-country road trip for. Have you seen it? It’s GORGEOUS. Yes, there are also on-site exhibitions and Halls of Fam to explore. But the real magic of this place is seeing your favorite band live with the otherworldly natural beauty of Colorado all around you.
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