Solo Women RVers

March 17, 2023

Life on the road is perfect for ANYONE – men, women, retired couples, young families, and anyone in between. At first glance, enormous recreational vehicles and the sometimes rugged RV lifestyle might seem a little intimidating or even a little male-dominated, but there is a large female demographic in RV living that’s been around for quite some time! All you have to do is find like-minded women like yourself who enjoy life to the fullest, love to go on adventures, and like to share their travel adventures with other females. 

There are numerous RV clubs, chat groups, subscriptions, and organizations for women, including “Girl Camper Magazine” and “”, plus a large Facebook presence of women who all love RVing. People who share a common bond tend to be open, non-threatening and welcoming to others with the same interests. So finding a group of female RVers online or in person can be helpful for sharing packing tips, shopping strategies, maintenance referrals, purchasing advice and more.

Blogs and websites can offer helpful product suggestions like women’s favorite mini appliances, organizing bins and storage containers, fun recipes, multi-functional wardrobes, and so much more. Being part of an “RV sisterhood” can be great whether you’re venturing out on the road solo, with a partner or travel buddy, or the whole entire family. You can share tips and ideas for making the best of your life on the road. 

Women RVer Spotlight – Singer and Songwriter, Astra Kelly!

Prolific indie folk singer-songwriter Astra Kelly embarks on a six-week RV caravan tour to share new songs from her tenth studio album, “Soul Fires.”

San Diego, California – March 21, 2023 – What do you get when you cross two Fleetwood RV® Flairs and two creative solo women RVers? A Flairavan! The “Soul Fires Flairavan Tour” kicks off on April 13 in Carpinteria, California! With promotional support from Fleetwood RV®, the journey celebrates the music of Astra Kelly and RVing women.

In June of 2022, Astra moved into a 32-foot Fleetwood Flair, named it Bessie, and embarked on an 8,000 mile trek around the US to rediscover her creative mojo after the pandemic, write a new record, and allow space for processing the loss of her Mom. The result is nine songs that reflect spiritual/emotional healing and transformation, and embrace the power within universal love, the open road, nature, and the mysticism of life. Astra gathered a band of San Diego superstars and the sound arrived in the heart of Americana with a swampy, nomadic spark. The album, “Soul Fires,” is scheduled for summer 2023 release, but she’ll celebrate with the first single release and a solo/acoustic west coast tour.

Joining the tour is marketing manager, Robin Dvorak, fellow Fleetwood Flair owner, two dogs and a cat for a dozen plus dates from SoCal to Bend, OR.

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