Soup Up Your RV With These Stunning Interior Design Trends

May 17, 2018

Love your RV but feel like something’s missing? Why not give it your own personal touch and go all-out and with some interior decorating? If you basically live in your RV for a number of weeks or even months, you want it to feel homey. Here are a few ways you can soup up your RV by sprucing up a basic, boring interior.

The amount of time (and, of course, money) you spend on the interior decorating of your RV is completely up to you. Some people are happy with a few throw pillows and other accessories that add some color to their RV. Others, especially those who spent a lot of time in their RV, may want to make it feel like home. It’s up to you how much you incorporate into your design.

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean everything has to be sterile. You can certainly bring a few plants into the space. Hanging plants might fit perfectly in your RV since you won’t have to worry about them sliding off the counter. You can also make use of small indoor herb gardens. There are even some small herb gardens that come in little pots with magnets on the back that are meant to hang off your refrigerator. Those might be exactly right for your RV.

This might not work if you’re married to a macho man, but there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little femininity into the RV. Fur rugs, frilly pink curtains, and strings of LED lights can transform the space into a girl’s getaway! There’s no reason why you can’t decorate with pinks and purples if those are your favorite colors.

Don’t keep a lot of things in your kitchen cabinets? Why not take the doors off and re-purpose them into bookshelves? This can be a great way to make use of that space, plus it lets you show off your book collection and other knickknacks. Of course, some RVs won’t have a ton of cabinet space, to begin with. You may not want to sacrifice your storage space to have room for one of these shelves, but if you find yourself not really using all the cabinets, it’s not a bad idea.

If you love your coffee, why not invest in a nice espresso machine? In the long run, you’ll save money by buying one of these machines and cutting out your daily coffee run. You may not be able to fit some of the larger machines in an RV, but you can usually accommodate one of the smaller espresso machines. There are many different options that are a step up from your old drip brewer. All of them will help you save a little money by avoiding the need to purchase expensive coffee, plus you won’t have to worry about parking your RV near a Starbucks.

Using metal and metallic pieces is one of the current trends in home décor, so why not bring it into the RV as well? Using gold and silver items can give your RV a feeling of industrial chic, a look that many people love. You can even find throw pillows and other useful items that are done in metallic tones.

You can carry this theme through your RV in a number of subtle ways. For example, instead of plastic kitchen utensils, go for metal serving spoons and spatulas. Use metal knobs or handles within the RV as another way of carrying the theme throughout.

Another popular trend is to decorate in earth tones. These soft browns, greens, and even some darker reds can make your RV’s interior feel cozy and grounded, even though you’re moving from place to place all the time. This is also a very masculine type of décor and may even appeal to men more than women.

Don’t like the metallic design? Not a fan of frilly? Don’t follow the trends if you don’t like them. You’re completely free to make the interior of your RV whatever you want it to be. Do your own DIY decorating plan. Whatever you do, just make sure that you create a cohesive design that you love.Hopefully, at least a few of these ideas will spark your imagination and give you a plan for decorating your RV’s interior. You can also reach out to us for more information. We’d be glad to help!

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