Stay warm, Ponyboy!

December 7, 2021

Winter, amirite?

Though you’re warm on being in your RV year-round, cold weather seasons can be brutal to endure. We put together a quick checklist of options to consider when trying to keep your RV warmer during winter’s harshest months.

Winterize, obviously
Depending on where you live, you might already be winterized to endure the brutal cold. If not, hit up a service & repair center (ideally ours) and have them winterize your Fleetwood RV ASAP.

Though it’s mobile, your RV is still technically a home. Apply similar thinking when it comes to keeping this home warm. Insulate the parts of your RV you can access (including the vents), or take it into a service center and let the professionals tackle it.

Treat your windows right
Again, this RV of yours is just as much a house as it is a vehicle. And if you live (or have lived) in a cold-weather region, you know all about the power of shrink-wrapping your home’s windows. Do the same for your RV to keep the cold air where it should be.

Last but not least, consider those little things that can have a big impact. Throw some rugs on the floor for an added layer of insulation, invest in a small space heater to give your built-in heating system a helping hand, and load up on big cozy blankets. These small additions will supplement the heavy lifting being done by the previous three list items, and make your cold-weather adventure a comfortable family vacation.


How do you keep your Fleetwood warm during cold-weather travel? Share it with the Fleetwood RV community over on our Facebook page.


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