Tailgating Tips: How To Throw the Ultimate RV Party

November 28, 2018

To many people, fall isn’t just about the gorgeous leaves on trees or the chilly weather. Instead, it’s about one thing: football. The fall is all about getting together with your buddies and watching your favorite team stomp the opposition into the ground! It’s also about having amazing tailgating parties. Everyone gets to hang out eating great food, enjoying a few drinks, and getting ready for the game. Hosting your own tailgate can be fun, too, especially if you have an RV. You’ll be able to change this pre-game ritual into something truly amazing.

Why tailgate in an RV instead of using a truck or other vehicle? When you tailgate in your truck or SUV, you only have access to what you brought with you. Often, that’s a small grill and an ice chest. With an RV, you have your entire kitchen at your disposal. You can stock up on a lot of different foods and drink without any worry about space. You can also carry a good number of folding chairs and tables, too. An RV allows you to have everything at your fingertips, while tailgating in a smaller vehicle is much more limiting.

With an RV, you can greatly expand the amount of food you make. You’re not limited to what you can fit on your grill or what food you make and bring from home. Instead, the sky is the limit. If you want to keep it simple, you can—there’s nothing wrong with hot dogs and chips. But if you want to add more to the menu, you’re free to do so.

Another great advantage to hosting your tailgate party out of an RV: you have your own private bathroom. You don’t have to deal with those nasty portable bathrooms that often appear at these events.

Now that you have decided to throw the party, it’s time to start looking at how to put together your tailgate event. You can’t just drive the RV up and expect everything to fall into place. It takes some planning. Here are some tips for making your RV tailgate party the best it can be.

While most tailgate events are held at the stadium’s parking lot before the game, some of those stadiums may not allow RVs to park there. Make sure you know where you can park and if you’re going to have to pay an extra parking fee for driving a large vehicle.

Of course, you can make plans to hold your RV tailgate party somewhere else. Just make certain that you have a designated driver to get you all to the game in one piece if you decide to serve alcohol at your tailgate. You could always crash in the RV and watch the game on the TV, of course, but that’s not always as exciting as being in the stadium with everyone else.

Tailgating is all about the great food you prepare and share with your friends. You’ll want to hit up the grocery store before the event and make sure you have everything you need. Most people grill for their tailgate party, and that’s certainly an option. Just remember that, unlike others, you also have access to your full kitchen. Don’t limit yourself if you don’t want to—you’ve got the capability of making anything you can think of!

Also, don’t forget to get extra snacks, especially if you’re going to be watching the game in your RV. You’ll want chips, dips, and anything else you and your friends enjoy while cheering on your team. Be sure you have enough drinks, too. There’s nothing worse than running out of beer and other beverages halfway through the game! On the plus side, though, if you need to run to the supermarket, you can fire up the RV and drive there.

Besides all the great food and drink, you don’t want to forget your foam fingers and other items. You want to be able to cheer on your team, after all, and you can’t do that if you’re not prepared. Face paint, jerseys, and other items are a necessity to truly make your tailgate party complete. This is especially true if you’re heading into the stadium after you eat. You don’t want to be the only fan there without a foam finger!

One of the best features of tailgating with your RV is popping open the awning, mounting a TV, and relaxing outside while watching the pregame show. Make sure to bring plenty of lawn chairs and a folding table to set up your food spread. It’s great to be able to sit and relax while others are playing tailgate games such as ladder golf and corn hole.

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