The early bird gets to roam

February 16, 2023

Start planning your Spring RV trip now


When you look out the window at the gray February weather, RV travel is probably the farthest thing from your mind. But for the savvy RVer, February is the signal to start planning that first trip of the Spring. Here’s why.


Use downtime to get your plan down


Where’s the right spot for that ultimate fishing excursion? Is there a secluded spot with a private waterfall? Can you really ride ATVs to the top of a mountain? You have time to let your mind do the wandering. Use time off the road to get online and explore. Whether you discover a new destination or perfect your visit to a favorite destination, now is the time to plot routes, bookmark attractions and even purchase tickets. 


On that note, many attractions offer off-season discounts on pre-purchased tickets. The bigger national parks, like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite are already booking, so it’s smart to plan now and reserve your spot.


 Wake up your RV

One weekend soon, you’ll wake up and it will be sunny, warm and the road will be calling. But if you winterized your RV (and of course you did), you’ve got some work to do before you’re road-ready. The water system needs to be flushed and sanitized. Batteries need to be recharged. LP gas cylinders need to be topped off and appliances need to be checked. Tires need to be checked and inflated to the proper pressure. Engines and generators need to be tuned up. You get it. Whether you do it yourself or use a trusted RV service center, you’re going to need time to get up and running. Now is the time to schedule that appointment, or put together your dewinterizing plan. Luckily, REV’s Service Centers are in Decatur, IN and Coburg, OR, so you’re never out of reach. Schedule an appointment now!


Gear up!


There is nothing worse than getting away from it all only to realize that you didn’t bring it all. Chances are, you used up supplies and emptied shelves before you put your RV away for the winter. Late winter is a great time to begin moving back into your home away from home. As an added bonus, you may be able to purchase gear and supplies at offseason discounts. The folks at RV Atlas have put together an amazingly comprehensive list of everything you could possibly need. 

Spring is just around the corner. Use this time wisely so that when it arrives, you’re ready to go.

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