Tips for Decorating Your RV for the Holidays

December 7, 2021

Whenever we hear someone talk about decorating their RV for the holidays, we just imagine this.

But as we all know, decorating your Fleetwood RV requires a different approach than decorating your non-mobile home. Allow us to offer a few pieces of advice to help you be seasonable and reasonable.

Replace everything in the place!
Just kidding! (Sort of.) But seriously, the easiest way to inject a ton of holiday into a small space is to swap out some of the standard things for holiday-themed ones. Hit up a home goods store and find the perfect festival replacements for your year-round essentials, from dishtowels and curtains to table cloths and colored light bulbs!

“Cling” to this great idea, too
Another easy way to bring some serious holiday thunder into your RV’s general aesthetic: take advantage of all those big, beautiful windows on your Fleetwood RV. Whether you buy them from a store or have some custom made, fill up the non-essential glass surfaces on your RV with seasonal window clings. It’s the one approach to decor that people both inside and out can enjoy!

Bring the outside in
Obviously we don’t want you out there de-foresting private property, but if you’re “pining” for some holiday spirit, there’s no better way to “spruce” up your fleetwood than to bring in some natural garland. Find a proper tree farm or greenhouse and fill your interior spaces with the sights and scents of the best holiday greenery nature has to offer. 

Think up, not down
As big as your Fleetwood RV may be, space is still precious—especially when the whole family’s on board for the trip. Avoid filling up your limited floorspace and instead take advantage of what’s above your heads! Look to more strings of lights and dangling decor, and consider wrapping the overhangs of inset spaces to make them feel more cozy and festive. (Like this fantastic example we found on Pinterest.)

How do you decorate YOUR Fleetwood? Share it with the Fleetwood RV community over on our Facebook page.


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