Tricks and Treats.

October 30, 2020

Halloween is upon us!

Maybe you’re one of those types that wants to put on a little Halloween flair this weekend, or maybe you’re totally psyched up for the monster mash, costume and all! Either way, here are some fun and inventive ways to spend the scariest nights of October!

Halloween campout ideas.
Make your campout a frightening success with some fun, family-friendly games around the campfire. Maybe you’d just like to see what some creative folks are doing with their RVs. KOA’s Pinterest site is full of fun photos and costumes. Check it out, here!

Make your RV spooky.
It only takes a little inspiration and imagination to scare-ify your Fleetwood this Halloween, 2020-style. Start with some changes in color at night with a blacklight or purple, green and orange LED string lights or even LED-lighted pumpkins. For you more “spirited” types, hit the local Halloween store with a bigger cart and score some plastic skeletons to sit in your camp chairs and be your “ghostly campers” or hang from the “scariest slide-out.” Not enough? Take it further by adding a Halloween projector designed for use on houses and make ghosts and goblins dance across the side of your Fleetwood. Hang cobwebs and spiders from the awning for a finishing touch and have your own version of the ultimate “Haunted Campfire!” Scare some inspiration! Look here.

Winterizing: not a four-letter word.
Depending on the climate and your willingness to travel and camp as the temperature drops, it’s up to you to determine when it’s time to winterize. has an online guide to many the steps, like emptying your black tank first, using water from your gray tank if needed and using the air compressor set to the right pressure to blow out the water lines without damaging them. A model-specific checklist for your specific Fleetwood is essential to proper winterization to ensure you don’t miss anything. For example, when winterizing the plumbing, it’s easy to overlook checking the engine coolant for freeze point and charging with fresh coolant if necessary. Take the right prep for the season and consult the Owner’s Manual for your specific Fleetwood for all necessary steps to winterize your RV. Bottom line: Do your winterization right or, better yet, have it done right for you by a professional.

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