Untethered, but still in touch

July 8, 2019

The Best RV Tech & Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip

We take road trips in our RVs to get away from it all. Like, all of it. We don’t even complain (much) when a remote, beautiful location renders our smartphones almost useless.

But sometimes we simply can’t completely unplug. Maybe work is still a part of your RV lifestyle. Maybe someone is expecting a baby. Or maybe you can’t miss the new season of your favorite Netflix show. Hey, this isn’t even a sponsored post. We’re just fans.

Or, maybe you’re even eager to read our next blog post. Well, those are all valid reasons for staying in touch and bringing your technology on the road. Here are a few tips to keep you (kinda) connected without having to stay in the RV park and calling it a road trip.

This may seem a bit unconventional, but if you’d like to stop reading now and check out our Fleetwood Renew Edition, you may just save yourself some time and find everything you need, and more, bundled nicely in these high-tech RVs.

Either way, here are some RV tech tips to keep in mind:

WiFi boosters and routers
These products enhance existing internet sources and connect to them as well. They can also boost your speed and reliability. These make it possible to obtain reliable, speedy internet on the road to all your devices including your computer and tablets. They can even piece multiple internet sources together in what’s called a true Wide Area Network (WAN).

There are many options available, and at times you may feel like you’re an extra running the network in a “Mission Impossible” movie. But there are companies out there willing to explain how all of this works beyond what we’ve done here. WiFiRanger seems like a good option because it specializes in RV travel. But there are other options including Cradlepoint.

And again, there’s always the Renew Edition that features it’s very own integrated WiFiRanger!

Signal boosters
These will boost your smartphones’ signal, as well as their data signals. Some can boost them 32 times their strength. These are perfect for RVers who like to camp in remote areas outside of RV parks and campgrounds. And really, who doesn’t like to do that?

Portable power solutions
Hey, did you know that smartphones take up a lot of…

Wait, what happened? Oh. Right. Your smartphone died. Yeah, that happens a lot, huh? There are products designed to help you with that. There are lots of portable devices that will help juice your smartphone, but products will go beyond that as well. These are good to have around the house, since power occasionally still goes out, but they are really good for your RV, since those dinky smartphone chargers can’t be expected to power up anything else.

Some devices also charge from an RV solar panel, which is like getting free energy!

Dash cams
These may be one of the more important tools you could own, as drivers still tend to treat RVs as a nuisance. And, this will help you prove that, yes, officer, I was in fact driving like a saint when that guy in the corvette zoomed around me and honked his horn like it was midnight on New Year’s Eve.

As far as RV gadgets go, drones are still pretty new to the experience. They can help you explore camping spots, remote locations, and even escapes from traffic jams. There are restrictions on them, of course, as many national parks aren’t thrilled about allowing them inside their boundaries.

But these can scout for you. They’re also fun and can make great videos as remembrances for your road trips.

These are lights that offer bright and even stylish illumination to your RV camping trips. Many of them are solar powered now, as well. There are colored lights as well as regular and even build-your-own kits. These are great solutions if you have children (or adults) who get nervous in the typical pitch-black darkness of remote camping spots or if you need a little light when you get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water.

Solar Power
There’s a movement to outfit RVs with solar panels. We’ve mentioned solar power many times, in case you didn’t notice, and panels can help eliminate the need for a generator and make your RV trips more environmentally friendly. Plus, panels tend to pay for themselves after a couple years, as the sun doesn’t charge for its fuel.

And again, if this all sounds like tech you’d like to take with you, we suggest you check out the Fleetwood Renew Edition.

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