Work From “Roam” Tips

May 23, 2023

Working remotely has never been more convenient, especially from your Fleetwood RV.


The Frontier GTX has an accommodating floor plan ideal for working on the road. The Corner Office™ is the perfect mobile office for virtual meetings, phone calls and daily work tasks. Here are some of the reasons why the Frontier GTX 37RT is the ideal mobile office:

  • The Corner Office™ floor plan includes an L-shaped desk, a built-in computer monitor, and extra outlets 
  • Riding on the Freedom Sport Foundation equipped with the Freightliner® Custom Chassis including V-Ride technology and a Cummins 6.7 diesel engine.
  • Wifi Ranger Sky Pro 4 with LTE 300-watt solar panel and cellular booster

We’ve also included a few friendly tips to keep in mind while working remotely from your Fleetwood RV:


  • Stay organized with trays, folders, and other storage spots for office supplies. Keep cords tidy with rubber bands or ties.
  • Use an actual table or desk for your workspace – not a bed or sofa. You’re bound to stay on task and less distracted.
  • Keep your workspace well-lighted and bright, with lamps and windows. Or change it up by setting up outside if possible!
  • Surround yourself with personal items and colors that put you in a good mood while you’re working.


It’s never been easier to work from the road – especially with The Corner Office™ in our Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT, specially designed for office work! Visit for more information.

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