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August 5, 2019

Working On the Road.

Thanks to the aspirational and adventurous nature of motorhome travel, every RVer wants to believe there’s a rainbow waiting for them at every campground. However, and while we can’t speak for all campgrounds, they don’t typically contain rainbows with pots of gold at the end.

Trust us. We’ve looked.

If you’re retired, as some of you are (and good for you—seriously, you’ve earned the time off), maybe you want some additional funds as you travel? If that’s the case, an RV office is a sound decision. And for the rest of us that still need to work for a living, it’s an even better idea to start a remote office to keep the income coming in.

There are many ways you can live on the road without having to rely on squirrel casserole to eat. Today’s mobile technology is so advanced that you can work in your very own office in your family RV, and it’s just like you’re back at the business center, only with much better views.

Here are some ways you can create your own mobile office from your RV. You’ll want to also take a look at our recent blog about staying in touch while you’re on the road for some help in staying connected, which is a big part to working on your next RV road trip.

Find the WiFi
In addition to following our recommendations for the technology you just read (we appreciate it!), it’s fairly easy to find WiFi on the road. Most RV parks come with free WiFi, as well as hotels or public libraries, and many fast-food and coffee joints have it as well, including, of course, Starbucks and McDonalds. And then, there’s always this option for fans of Fleetwood RV.

Get help
There are companies that design portable workspaces for mobile users if you need some ideas or help getting started.

Switch up your furniture
While many RVs have upgraded furniture in them, not all do. If that’s the case and you’re stuck with outdated and impractical setups, not only can it limit the space you’re in, it may even discourage you from even attempting to have a home office on the road. However, once you get rid of that huge couch from the 80s, you’ll be surprised at how it opens up your RV. If you sell any of the old stuff, you can use the money to buy a desk and other necessities.

Set your office up near some windows
If your windows come with blinds (like this Fleetwood’s day/night roller shades), you can shut out the sun in the heat of the afternoon and leave it open for the morning, late afternoon and at night. Sunlight has an encouraging effect on most people, even sweeping away depression, and besides, you are traveling to see things you’ve never seen before, right? A window view will ensure that you don’t miss out.

Buy a laptop
You may not need a desk if you can get yourself a laptop. You’ll be able to take it anywhere, even outside by the campfire. This can also make your couch a workspace, or your recliner, or the picnic bench outside by the river. Some units hold a charge more than others, so keep that in mind if you need to work long days.

Get a job on the road
Some campsites let you work for your spot. Bet you didn’t know that. Plus, publications both online and in print offer many jobs that you can work for a few hours a week on the road. also allows you to volunteer for a few hours per week in exchange for a campsite at some really pretty spots.

Put together a charging station
This is a good idea no matter how you RV, given all the stuff we have to charge, but this is especially helpful when you’re working on the road. You can plug in and go to bed at night, or you can plug in some items while you use others, and this way you won’t be unplugging items already in your RV to, say, charge your phone. Best of all, you’ll know where everything is because it’ll all be in the same spot. If you’re lucky enough to have access to many USB charging areas in your RV, then this may be less of a problem for you.

Get some dual-purpose appliances and furniture
Wouldn’t it be great if your coffee pot was also a radio? Well, there are cabinets that can do two or even three things at once. You can make, order, or buy a cabinet that holds your TV, stores your board games, and offers a pullout for a ready-made desk. Then, there are some really awesome, custom-made tabletops that host many game types you can put up and take down as you need the room. Oh, and as far as working on the road goes, games can really invigorate the mind and get you back in inspiration mode.

Become a blogger
Ha! No, really, we’re serious. Many blogs can make money, especially if you can find a way to become a brand ambassador and write content that’s engaging, thoughtful, funny, and personal. You know, just like this one.

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